When You Change Paths, But Keep The Same Destination (My Author Book Review is Changing to my Author’s Corner)

By John Irvin

            Today will be my 104th blog post. The previous 103 are all book reviews. But I’m going to be honest with you. From the experience, I’ve seen, no matter how much I advertised my blogs, the only ones that made any difference, were actually the commentaries on my own published books.

            Yesterday, there was no posting, because I did no blogging. Instead, I did much thinking. Finally, today, as you can see, I’ve decided to change directions with this author blog. I won’t be doing book reviews anymore—at least for awhile.

            I’m keeping my goal though—still trying the affiliate marketing.

            But I will now focus only on my own books and on my author life. It does seem more related to my website—I’ve been wondering if the niche was just not right for my author website so people were just being confused.

            I will keep my Archive though. The Book Reviews are still there, available for anyone wanting to read them. But now I’m jumping onto the new path.


            I’m excited. Feeling a little timid, but bearing the determination of a maelstrom within me.

            Today I won’t talk about any books, only wanted to announce my decision and change the title of my blog. I’m calling in John’s Author Corner—not too original, I know. But I think it fits.

            I’ll also be dropping down to only three posts a week. I need more time to focus on my writing as I have several works due over the coming months. So Monday, Wednesday, and Friday will be my new schedule.

            Those of you who’ve subscribed for my newsletter, I’m still going to be sending that out on Friday.

            Hey, changing this focus of my blog will actually help in the near future when I start going on my Book Tours or visiting my bucket list places around the world! Now that I’m no long just writing book reviews, I’ll be able to let folks know what’s going on in my life.

            Although, maybe every once in awhile, I’ll add a little review of a book that I absolutely have to share. But, again, that won’t be the focus.

            It’s a new day, a new week, so many exciting things can happen. Make sure to live life, enjoy and learn from every moment. Chase your dream, whatever it is. We only get one life, make sure it counts.

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