When you’re a Writer, you learn the First Draft is merely an Exploration of the World inside your Book.

Over time, you figure out the first draft is not the final draft, the only thing required for a first draft is to get it down!

By John Irvin

Writing First Drafts.

            I’m writing the first draft for Revolution, Book 4 in the Longevity series. I’m enjoying getting to know the new characters as well as figure out the ways in which my protagonist, Ihon (pronounced Ian), is changing.

            Halfway done with the chapters, but I know there’s quite a bit more work to do. Thing is, I used to fret about getting everything right. I used to struggle with editing myself while working the first draft.

            This is not the right thing to do.

            First drafts are ONLY supposed to be you getting the words down. Editing comes later. Right now, it’s all about exploring and figuring out the theme and underlying messages. What am I trying to get across to my readers? What are the motives behind Ihon’s actions? What is his biggest desire and how can I keep it from him?

            I’m also seeing some different themes in this book compared to the previous three.

            The time period is an interesting one. It’s set shortly before the French and Indian War—which actually came as a surprise, so I’m interested to see why this came about. The book will take Ihon up into the American Revolution.

            But, I guess the main question I’m trying to answer is: after so many decades of avoiding human wars and civilisation’s struggles, why is Ihon suddenly concerning himself over these new upstart colonies and their causes? Or is he just going along with the flow for now?

            Things do seem to be going well for him in the first half of the book, but he knows from past experiences, all good things do come to an end. So there’s that underlying dark sense to his character. He’s not trusting.

            I’m wondering if I’m conveying this well enough. But, for now, I keep telling myself this is just the first draft. I’m excited to keep exploring and figuring out the answers to so many questions now rising in the back of my mind.

            And now, before I give away anymore spoilers, I want to talk about the differences between Wolf-Born and Werewolves.

            Wolf-Born vs Werewolf.

            Werewolves are an ancient lore, crossing the centuries all the way back to the medieval ages. It is believed the Church was a sort of haven to the victims. Any church grounds could not be crossed by a werewolf. Holy water could burn the monster as well as silver. The crucifix also awarded a protection—like it did toward vampires.

            Werewolves were about nine out of ten evil creatures. Except for the Celtic Werewolf in a few myths in which the creature was benevolent to humans.

            A werewolf is a shape-shifter who can turn from human to an actual wolf and back again.

            Now, a Wolf-Born, though also a shape-shifter, does not turn into an actual wolf. The Beast form, though looking like a giant wolf, is humanoid in stature, bipedal.

            In my series, silver and holy water do not bother Wolf-Born.

            Also, Wolf-Born are more good than evil. In fact, in my series, they are predominantly good and it is only those who go Rogue—or break the Ancient Creed—who are evil. Though, they can be redeemed in a certain way.

            This version of the wolf-like shape-shifter is quite young in origin.

            There are a few books from other authors—like Anne Rice’s The Wolf-Gift—and even the old video game, Skyrim, that come close to my version. Yes, I’m a fan of Skyrim. Although, those man-wolves, though similar to what I perceive as a Wolf-Born, are still called werewolves in the game and they are allowed to eat people.

            According to the Ancient Creed—which is the Supreme Law of the Wolf-Born Race—we are not allowed to eat people.

            Look at me, saying “we” instead of “they.” My bad. Ignore that. Haha

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          Until next week, y’all have a great life.

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