A Lost Soul is Found, can He be Saved?

In the Realm of Irkalla, a sort of in-between place for lost souls, the Immortals head to save their friend.

By John Irvin

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This last installment in this Magic-ruled, alternate timeline, historical fantasy, Falling Star’s Rebirth brings us to the edge of a cataclysmic war between the Ancient gods and the rest of the Earth tribes.

Having lost someone very dear to their hearts, the Immortals must force the surviving Ancients to take them to this lost realm.

It was known to the ancient Etruscans as Irkalla. It’s a dimension where souls, who are lost and not necessarily supposed to have died, wander. It also depends on their perspective whether this place is a Paradise of Hell.

Can the Immortals find Irkalla? Can they rescue their friend?

There are several questions this finale will answer as we tie up this ten-book series.

If you’ve been collecting them, I hope you’ve enjoyed them and find this finale satisfying. I hope it is a bittersweet farewell for you as it was for me.

If you haven’t started reading this series, why haven’t you?

Find its series page in the menu above and download the first book for free then sign up for the second book’s free download, then order all the rest, they’re really affordable.

Thanks for sticking with me through this series, tomorrow I’ve got another trailer and blog ready for you and it’s back to a previous world we’ve visited already.

Keep checking in for all the goodies!

In a couple more episodes, I’ll be taking a pause to glance back at what we’ve already covered then what we have approaching!

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