A Million Suns (Book 2 in the Across the Universe Trilogy) by Beth Revis

Published by Penguin Group

A review by John Irvin


“Amy, you’re going to have to make a choice. The ship is dying, Godspeed won’t last much longer. And you—you must decide for everyone. Because you’re running out of time.” –from the back cover of the book.

            Elder has assumed rule of Godspeed. Phydus is no longer controlling everybody’s mind. The romance between he and Amy are struggling against is winning.

            Three months have passed since Elder unplugged Amy. Three months inside a crammed, dying spaceship and Amy is starting to feel like she’s losing her mind—if she hasn’t already gone crazy.

            There’s also another mystery unraveling. Where are they? Is the ship actually still cruising outer space? Or has something happened to it along the way? Are they lost?

a million suns beth revis

            Taking on the same suspenseful intrigue as Book 1, this work yanks you by the collar and drags you along with our two heroes. What exactly is happening? I had to keep flipping those pages, feeling as if life depended on my figuring out the mystery.

            Beth Revis hypnotises you in her stories. It’s no wonder she’s a bestseller. Bringing up deep philosophical questions along the way of this action tale set in the young adult science fiction genre, she does not disappoint.

            And the tension just keeps building until Elder and Amy come to the ultimate conclusion: they have to leave the ship or else.

            So, take my recommendation and click this link to go buy it: A MILLION SUNS.

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