Blood of the Father by John Irvin

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A commentary by John Irvin


“’What are you doing?’ He shouted. ‘What you don’t want to finish this? You cursed beast! You stole my fingers!’” –Tiras

This Friday will cover one of my favourites of my own works—don’t tell the others I said that.

Blood of the Father is based in ancient times, when Greece was but a young nation. Tiras, the seventh son of Japheth, one of the three sons of Noah, is attacked by a monstrous wolf. But instead of being killed, he is given a gift—the Gift of the Wolf-Born.

After many years, he travels the ancient world in search of his new spouse—the one while will unite with him. The two of them will become the First Parents of the new Wolf-Born Race.

Is this special someone the Egyptian Princess?

blood of the father john irvin

            Based in the same world as my upcoming Longevity series, this is basically an origin tale which sets the stage for the series. Tiras is the great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather of the Ihon Iraes, the protagonist of Longevity.

I feel like this short novella was a fun preparation for the seven or eight book series that has come to be a favourite of mine. I’m looking forward to when they are all published.

As for Blood of the Father, I enjoyed finding out for myself how the Wolf-Born Race was even started. It is an intriguing tale—also brings up the origin of the anti-Race, archenemies to the Wolf-Borns in the following centuries: the Spawn.

Click this link to go check it out: BLOOD OF THE FATHER.

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