A New Schedule and More Promo!

Testing, 1, 2, 3…

By John Irvin

            If you’ve checked the post I made on my Patreon page, you’ll know that I’ve done a little rearranging. Yes, instead of Thursdays for my blog and vlog, I’m moving to Saturdays. And the same goes for my Friday Broadcasts, they’ll be moved to Saturdays as well.

            I may be shooting myself in the feet here, but we’ll see how this goes.

            Speaking of which…

            And back to my present WIP for my Patreon subscribers, The Ikkilion Chronicles. I have only the Finale left to publish. It was due this week, but I don’t want it to feel rushed. People have told me in the past, they can tell when my writing is rushed. So, I’m postponing to next Saturday (18 September).

            Just a reminder about the premise for the techno-fantasy serial my sponsors get to enjoy:

            The story begins with a man and wife who are both amateur mages. They’re summoned by a usurper, the Witch Queen, who demands the location of what she calls the All-Stone. They have no idea what she’s talking about. So, like all good tyrants, she throws them in her dungeon. They escape and a long chase comes about that takes these two across several kingdoms.

            The Ikkilion Chronicles is Patreon-exclusive, which means, it will not be published anywhere else. The only way you can read it is to subscribe as a one-dollar-a-month patron. There will also be extra goodies in the near future too. So, don’t miss out.

            Before I continue, here’s the link to my Patreon, so you can join in the world:


            Now, on to this week’s spotlight of my own published books.

            The complete collection of my Shattered series is in PRINT! It has been for over a year now. The end of the old North American nations is turning out a little differently than I imagined, but still.

            New nations form after the global blackout caused by a natural EMP in the atmosphere. But can these new nations survive? Can they even thrive possibly? With some people still wanting to resurrect the old regimes, will these new nations be launched into a North American War and can they win?

            Here’s the page link: https://johnirvinauthor.com/book/shattered-the-complete-collection/

If you’ve been keeping up with my author journey, you’ll know that I’m also running a YouTube channel. I may not post EVERY week, but I do try to post often. They usually run about two to three minutes long just giving updates or promoting one of my books or a book I’ve been reading.

          And for your viewing pleasure, here’s the video for today’s episode:

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