A Sneak Peek From My Other Favourite Series

When the Magic is Unleashed on the World a Time Split Happens

By John Irvin

            Happy November to you, my Reader! I can’t believe it’s already November…wow.

            So last week, I shared excerpts from Shattered: The Complete Collection and Longevity, Book 1: Revelation. I hope you enjoyed them and find the stories intriguing.

            This week, I’m sharing below, an excerpt from my third top series, Magic’s Time Split. This piece comes from Book 2: When Kingdoms Arise. After the Tech was killed by Magic’s unleashing from the 10,000 idol of Thogh, the Egyptian god of Magic, the three Immortals are keeping a good home going at the Palace near Hidden Lake, Montana territory.

            Then Gael discovers Colin and Jenna hadn’t gone far when he banished them at the end of Book 1: Hidden Lake’s Light. The trio discovers Colin has enslaved two Native American tribes and has them thinking he’s a god while they work for him in mines the next valley over.

            Jessica and Levi decide to put a stop to it.

            But, unfortunately, the Natives aren’t as warming to their preaching against the “false gods.”

Misty forest landscape
In a world where Magic rules and Tech is dead…

            “Warn?” The skin on the man’s face looked like dried leather. When he raised his eyebrows it looked as if someone were stretching his entire face.

            Jessica wanted to hold on to Levi, but forced herself to wear a mask of confidence. She pulled the photographs out of her breast pocket, handing them to her Consort.

            He took the stack of pictures, passing them off to the chieftain.

            “What is this?” One of the other leaders leaned against the older man’s side, sneering down at the pictures.

            “They are proof those two gods your people have begun to worship are false gods. They are mere human beings like you and I. We knew them before they were given powers.”

            “Given powers?” The chieftain’s eyes widened, looking up from the objects in his hands. He looked like he expected the photos to burst into flames and burn his fingers.

            “Yes,” Levi gritted his teeth. The hairs on the back of his neck stood on end—he wished he hadn’t pointed out that part. “We were given powers by an ancient idol inside a mountain.”

            “He speaks lies,” someone from down the row blurted out. Fingers started pointing at the two visitors.

            Jessica slipped her arm around Levi’s. Everything was about to go horribly wrong.

            “This is sorcery,” the chieftain threw the photos on the ground. But instead of stomping on them as Levi expected, he spread his arms out, motioning the rest of the gathering to follow his lead while he took several steps back.

            The rest of the party had by now noticed this conversation and formed a complete circle around the two, making sure to keep a wide berth.

            Levi narrowed his eyes. He had to think of something. Bending over, he picked up the photographs.

            “These are bad gods from the black world below. They admitted it themselves—they’ve come from below the mountain!” The old man bellowed, surprising the visitors with his force. “They have come to overthrow our Great God and his Goddess. Our Mother and Father are in danger from that witchcraft he holds in his hands!”

Magic's Time Split, Book 2: When Kingdoms Arise by John Irvin
“These are bad gods from the black world below…”

            “Well crap,” Levi mumbled, the hair on his arms was now standing on end.

            Jessica clung tighter to him.

            Several yards to the right, the door flap of the god’s yurt flew open.

            A figure, dressed in the full getup of what could only be the tribal rendition of an Indian supreme god, marched out into the electrified night air. The crowd parting before him and dropping to their knees, he approached the party crashers.

            “Levi,” his voice was calm, but no one missed the brewing menace underneath. “Jess. So you found me?”

            “Yes,” Jessica blurted. She took a step toward him. Levi managed to hold her back.

            A second figure strolled up behind Colin—she was dressed in a blue satin gown with gold trimming around a diving neckline.

            “I can’t believe you let him do this, Jenna,” Levi glowered. “But then again, you let him murder our own people. How much different are these people?”

            Jenna made no attempt to protest or interrupt, her scowl more dejected than angry.

            Colin’s dark eyes dropped to the photos in Levi’s hands. When the realisation dawned like a red sunrise on his olive-skinned face, he growled. A sneer lurched across his mouth as he turned to the audience, raising his arms in the air.

            “It is true what your chiefs have said.” He boomed. “These are false gods, our enemies, from the bowels of the underworld. They come to overthrow your benevolent Supreme Ones.”

            The crowd erupted with a roar, storming forward to tighten the circle around the couple.

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