My Favourite Book Series Give You A Sneak Preview

Excerpts from Two of My Book Series Below, if You Want a Taste

By John Irvin

            So I promised some excerpts from Magic’s Time Split and Longevity. Seeing as Shattered: The Complete Collection is also out today in E-Book AND Paperback, I’ll share a short piece from there too.

            So I’ll share Longevity and Shattered in this blog. Next Monday I’ll share the excerpt from Magic’s Time Split. This is to keep the post from being too long!

            Shattered was a series are started last year, it’s got five volumes. I took a week off from my day job and wrote the first three. Then I wrote the fourth earlier this year and recently the fifth. The funny thing about this series, it wasn’t supposed to be published. In fact, I wasn’t going to write it.

Shattered is a futuristic political drama.

            It started out while I was watching the TV show, Revolution, for the second time through the idea was sparked of a New North American Map. I drew it and wrote a short pseudo-history set about a century later. The short history was to be read as if you were a school kid a hundred years from now reading about what’s about to happen now.

            There is going to be a North American War, according to the story.

            Then several friends said I should write the series. I started tampering with the idea—never a good sign when you’re a writer who says you don’t want to write something. I’ve learned, you don’t exactly have control over the stories that come out of you. Most of the time, you are but the message carrier, the scribe tag-along.

            Here’s a brief bit from Volume 4 in the Shattered series:

            “Madam President,” Derick Banks’s thick Northern accent growled through the speaker. “I am offering you a truce, if you will order your generals back and meet me at Memphis to discuss terms of surrender.”

            “Surrender?” Emily repeated, tasting bile on the back end of her tongue.

            “I believe I am being fair, Miss Morgan,” his tone was filled with poison.

            “That’s President Morgan to you,” Emily stood to her feet, nearly toppling her chair backwards.

            Sharlotte and Sara both gaped at their new friend, eyes widening. They were amazed at how fast her warm and friendly demeanour shifted into a maelstrom of defiance.

            “I will not surrender. I will not order my general back—in correction to your previous statement, there are three leaders in that force that has whooped you so far, only one of them do I command. You should have thought twice before invading the Locke Republic, you now have staring you in the face the retaliation of the whole Southland. We will push from every side until we’ve squeezed your throat shut, President Banks.” The title was spat out as if it were a rotting apple.

            Sara and Sharlotte were grinning from ear to ear.

            “I can promise you one thing, Sir,” Emily continued. “You will wish you were never born, you will lament the day you thought you could subdue us. I will not surrender, the Southern Federation will not surrender, the Locke Republic will not surrender, Texas will not surrender. When we storm the streets of St. Louis, you will grovel at my feet as I put a bullet through your head.”

            There was a rave of curse words on the other end of the phone and Emily held it away from her ear. She smirked at the other two women before turning back to the receiver.

            “You finished?” She questioned. When there was no response, except heavy breathing, she stated. “It would be best you surrender now, for your pride’s sake, Sir. Otherwise, I promise you, your humiliation will be global. The whole world will laugh at the fool you are. Now leave us alone.”

Shattered: The Complete Collection by John Irvin
The Complete Collection is out TODAY!

            Intense, do you think? That’s a favourite scene of mine—I’ve always enjoyed the tenacious tempers of redheads. Don’t insult one or you’ll know what the Apocalypse could look like.

            If you’re interested, Shattered: The Complete Collection is out TODAY!

            On to my Longevity series, this has got to be my top series I can’t wait to share the rest of it with you!

            If you’ve been following my blog or are on my newsletter, you already know the backstory to this dark fantasy. How it was sparked by a simple comment from a friend? Yes, and now it’s going to be an eight book series in Hardback, Paperback, E-Book, and eventually Audio. Although that audio won’t be for awhile sadly.

            It takes time when you’re a starving artist.

            But, Book 2, Independence, is set for publication in January of 2020! Book 1, Revelation, has been out since the end of July. So far it has been my top-seller—people all the way over in France have actually been buying copies!

Check it out: Longevity, Book 1: Revelation.

            Ihon Iraes is a veteran of the Second Crusade, he does not know his family lineage. His father died in a Great War his mother rarely spoke of. His mother died when he was 17, leaving him the Iraes House and its valley.

            He married Joanna Wallace and loved her deeply.

            But, naturally, she was taken from him. On the night of her murder, he was given a revelation about himself. He discovers his other form—he’s not human.

            Then comes the night he hunts down the murderer and is astonished to find…

What is he? Man or Monster?

            Still have no idea what under the sun and moon I am, Ihon glanced down at the long claws extending from the tips of his fingers. But who better to bring swift vengeance to a monster than a monster?

            His teeth bared, the beast crept through the shadows. Pitch-coloured fur blending in with the darkness around him, he paused. The reek of unclean flesh caused his coarse snout to wrinkle.

            Eyes, the colour of smoldering darkness, glared at the hump lying beneath the animal skin blanket.

            An early morning breeze whispered through the window. It brushed the nose of the beast while he inched his way to the foot of the large oaken bed. Playing with his large wolf-like ears that were at the present flattened against his enormous head, the wind did not seem to understand the depth of the situation.

            A sudden snort interrupted quiet night.

            Ihon froze, rearing up on his hind legs—though he looked like a hulking wolf, his beast form did retain the humanoid postures.

Though the tone of those back leg muscles revealed a powerful strength that not only rippled through them but throughout the entire body and no normal human being could ever hope to harness such force.

            “I was expecting you,” the shape beneath the blanket growled.

            A hand pulled aside the covers to reveal a grinning face half-covered in a raven-black beard.

            “Smelled you coming from miles away.”

            Cutting into a snarl, Ihon lowered his head. Glaring at the man in the bed through his thick eyebrows, he growled.

            “Then you know I am here for only one thing.”

           Swinging his legs over the side of the bed, the man held his plastered grin while keeping eye contact with the monster.

            Ihon stretched his fingers as he bared his claws, fangs gnashing.

            The man stood to his feet, the grin was becoming eerie as it gripped his face.

            Another growl started to bellow in Ihon’s chest when it was strangled.

            His large eyes widening, Ihon watched in shock as the murderer’s naked body started to ripple and contort.

            The hunted twisted his joints, skin rolling like liquid. His body grew at the same time long silver hair, peppered with brown, drenched the bare skin.

            In under a minute, Ihon blanched at the creature now mirroring his stance—as well as his size and appearance.

            Except for the coat colour and a few miniscule facial differences—the beasts looked the same.

            I’m not alone? Ihon’s mind raced.

Longevity, Book 1: Revelation by John Irvin
Revelation is a Dark Fantasy

            I hope you enjoyed those brief little tastes! Read my blog on Monday and you’ll get a taste from Magic’s Time Split, Book 2: When Kingdoms Arise.

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