by Randall Wallace

Published by Pocket Books

A review by John Irvin


“I have fought. And I have hated. I know it is in me to hate and to kill. But I’ve learned something else away from my home. And that is that we must always have a home, somewhere inside us.”—William Wallace

            From the back cover blurb:

            In one of history’s darkest hours there arose from humble beginnings a man of courage and honor—the likes of whom the world may never see again.

            Amid the color, pageantry, and violence of medieval Scotland unfurls the resplendent tale of the legendary William Wallace, farmer by birth, rebel by fate, who banded together his valiant army of Scots to crush the cruel tyranny of the English Plantagenet King.

Braveheart by Randall Wallace, A Review

            Have you seen the movie? I’ve got to tell you, Braveheart—starring Mel Gibson—is right there at the top of my most watched films. So, you know I had to buy the book.

            Much shorter than expected, the book will keep you entertained and—if you’ve already seen the film—you’ll hear and see everything happen in the book as if you were watching the movie.

            I found that endearing. This historical fiction stirred the Scottish blood in my veins.

            Randall Wallace—I wonder how related he is to the hero—did a swell job with portraying the man that William was. We oft think of heroes as gods or some supernatural type of beings, forgetting they are humans just like us, with the same longings, same passions, and same desires.

            But it is those who do their duty to defend the homes they love against evil that stand out off the pages of history, trying to teach us something.

            So, take my recommendation and click this link to go buy it: BRAVEHEART.

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