by John Irvin

A commentary by John Irvin


“The mushroom cloud descended from the heavens as its fiery-red plumes filled the TV screen. No one saw this coming.”

Book Description:

How did it start? A deadly virus from the Arctic. An international team of US, Russian, Chinese, and Korean scientist uncovered a prehistoric artifact frozen in the ice of the North. What they didn’t know is it carried a slumbering disease more fatal than the Medieval Black Plague.

Gideon Cole is the son of a US General stationed in San Francisco. Gideon is surprised when the first nuclear missile hits New York City, ushering in the Apocalypse. His Dad calls, telling him it’s time to head to a secret war bunker.

Along the way, as time is running out, they pick up Lynda Brodunvich and her father. Lynda was Gideon’s high school crush a decade ago.

Will they make it to the bunker in time, before the bombs drop? If the plague doesn’t wipe out humanity, will they destroy each other on apocalyptic scales? If they do, is this the end of the world? Or can two people begin mankind over again?

If you enjoy the dystopian genre, the end times, the last days theme, you’ll enjoy this book. With a Rise of the Machines, Terminator 3, style (without the evil robots), or Book of Eli, Armageddon theme, this author brings out a different aspect of what a nuclear holocaust could start. What if we could start the world over again? What would that be like?

Pochatok (An Apocalyptic Sweet Romance) by John Irvin

            There is something about the end-days, apocalyptic genre that I love. Never quite put my finger on it—something about death and destruction isn’t attractive to me, but the survival of people, especially when there’s a fling, is what draws me.

            Watching Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, I started thinking about this theme. A couple, thrown together by an Armageddon of sorts, turning to each other in the middle of the final days of the world’s nations sparked in my mind.

            I decided to turn it into a short ebook and Pochatok was born. Why did I pick that title? It fit, I guess. It’s Ukrainian—I lived in Ukraine for ten years of my childhood so there’s a special affinity of such things for me.

            Lynda was inspired by a model I randomly found. Yes, I know, that sounds weird and hilarious. But to be honest, I was simply wondering what this character looked like. I knew she was a redhead with blue eyes—a rare combination—but I wanted to actually envision her, see her in a real person. So I surfed Pinterest one night and stumbled across Vanessa Jade.

            I don’t know or follow the girl—but, if you ever read this blog, Vanessa, or read the ebook, I want to thank you for being an inspiration!

            I enjoyed writing this short novella and I hope you enjoy reading it. I’m considering writing another apocalyptic romance book or two in the future. We’ll see. I definitely want to visit the genre again for certain.

            So I hope you enjoy meeting my friends as they struggle to survive Nuclear Judgment Day!

            I also ask, if you do enjoy it, please leave a great review on its Amazon page so others can enjoy it too!

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