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The Dream Cast: Who would I love to see cast in the character roles for my Longevity series?

by John Irvin

I don’t plan to make a YouTube vlog for this article today. Nope, just going to relax and write a fun little fantasy-filled blog as I enjoy this crisp autumn weather—actually abnormal for this early in the season here in Florida.

Anyways, a dream cast. Yes, I usually dream up a cast for each one of my books, but with my Longevity series, there are so many characters, I could possibly turn this into a two-part series. I think I can shrink it down though.

This is going to be fun.

Okay, first off, Longevity is an eight-volume series, but only the first two books, Revelation and Independence, have been published in hardcover, paperback, and ebook. The third book, Wandering, is published in ebook only. The print versions were messed up in format, so please don’t order any “hardcover” or “paperback” versions you might see on the web.

So, we’ll start with Sir Ihon Iraes (pronounced Ian Eraze). He’s the main character and, yes, he’s actually based on me. But, I’d be fine with picking a far superior actor to play the role. Born in Scotland, Ihon is a knight and already a veteran of the Second Crusade by the time the story begins. So, he’s in his fifties, if I remember correctly. But, he’s aged well, being a Wolf-Born—though unbeknownst to him or his wife in the beginning.

I’m torn between two different fabulous Scottish actors. I fell into great admiration of Iain Glen’s role as Ser Jorah Mormont in the HBO series Game of Thrones. To see him dressed in a kilt and wielding the Iraes family claymore blade would be a sight to see. He wouldn’t make half a bad Wolf-Born either. And the tragic backstory fits perfectly with the Mormont-type character Sir Ihon Iraes relates to.

But, I’m going to have to admit, Mr. Glen turned sixty this past June 2021. So, he’s a few years older than Sir Ihon’s character at this time. Then again, with cameras and the magic of cinema these days, it could still work.

There is the second choice: Ewan McGregor. He turned fifty in March 2021. So, his age is perfect for the role. I could definitely see him dressed as a Crusader knight, waving around that Scottish claymore, and riding the black war steed Cassieus.

Now, for the first wife of my main character. You ask, how many wives does Sir Ihon have and why does he have more than one?

Well, remember I said “tragic backstory”? Yeah. Read the books.

Also, Wolf-Born live an average lifespan of 1,100 years. The reason this series is titled Longevity is it covers Sir Ihon Iraes’s life from when he’s fifty in the early twelfth century and runs through time with each book up to the present in Book 5 (still in the works) and beyond in the final three.

Now, here is a dilemma. Do I want to share any more about how many wives Ihon ends up having, if they’re human or not, and who would be cast in their roles?

I tell you what, I’m going to leave this blog open for comments as well as ask this question when I share the links on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Would you like to know the number of wives my character marries? Would you like to know if they’re human and where they’re from and who would be the dream actresses to star in their roles?

But, you already know he has “a first wife”, so I can at least give you that one.

Joanna Wallace Iraes, Lady of Iraes House. When I first imagined Joanna many years ago in the conception of this series, I pictured Keira Knightley as the star actress for this role. With her high-class charms, the woman is a lady in and of herself and I think Joanna couldn’t be more honoured to have such an actress cast in her role.

Even though Keira is English, I’m sure she would do a remarkable job as the Scottish wife of our Crusade veteran.

But, the scary thought, I do hope Knightley wouldn’t take offense at what happens to her character so early on in the story. *nervous chuckle*

I’ll end this blog today with one more character. This character plays a sort of brief mentor for Sir Ihon when he first comes aware of his “other side”.

Ranvir Caiton, his father fought alongside Ihon’s father in the Second Great War between the Wolf-Born and the Spawn—you’ll learn more about these later on, or if you buy the books. At the beginning of the series, Ranvir is a Lesser Officer of the Creed Army. You’ll learn more about them also if you buy the books.

Being Wolf-Born raised, Ranvir has known about his “other form” since he could read a sentence. He’s shocked someone could actually live fifty years without discovering their true origins. But, he takes Ihon under his wing and invites him to Sanguiatro, the capital of the Wolf-Born Race, hidden deep in the Highlands of Scotland somewhere.

I think Justin Theroux could be a good Ranvir Caiton. He has that dark look about him and could possibly be a bit prejudiced against the human race, even though he’s sworn to protect them from the Spawn.

So, this will turn into a two-part, maybe even three-part, blog series! Awesome. I’m excited.

We haven’t even covered half the characters who have roles in even the first two books! I might mention a couple from book three, even though I shy away from promoting that book because of the whole formatting issue that is still yet to be resolved.

But, here’s a list of character names I’ll be talking about in the next blog!

Zandra the Immortal

Noran Mars – Chief Councilman of the Supreme Council of the Wolf-Born Race

Merryn McKlean – Councilwoman of the Supreme Council

Angus McKlean – Brother of Merryn, Councilman of the Supreme Council

And maybe a few surprise characters, depending on your answers.

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