Crowdfunding is the New Way for New Business

We always go on about our success being about community, but then don’t help each other out…

By John Irvin

          I recently dreamed a wealthy individual learned about my team’s GoFundMe fundraiser for the Toward the Pacific Book Tour Spring 2021 and donated $10,000 to it (which, by the way, is the total goal) and because he did that, several other people ended up jumping on the bandwagon and donating thousands.

          Next thing I knew, my team no longer had enough to go on a simple cross-the-country book tour, but instead, we had enough to turn my debut book tour into a world book tour.

          The artists on my team became famous like Picasso and Da Vinci, the actress joined the high ranks of Hollywood, and the country guys built cabins and started hunting reserves. Of course, I was reached my life’s dream, becoming a bestselling novelist.

          If only life were as simple as dreams.

          But, you know, then again, it could be. People always talk about community and helping each other rise to success. That’s what crowdfunding is all about. Ten people give ten dollars and you have a hundred dollars raised.

          A thousand people give ten dollars and you have ten thousand.

          We then lift each other up. If you have a dream I can support, I share it and give what I can. If my dream is successful and you helped me, I then, in turn, point people to you and invest in you until you’re successful. Then we both look for the next person to invest in and lift them up.

          Before you know it, we’re all millionaires inspiring the next generation.

          I’m going to be real and vulnerable with you.

          I don’t see that among most of the circles I hang with.

Community Support!

          No, sadly, the general rule seems to be: overload the person striving for success with so much advice they’re brains are reeling. But when that person tells you about their fundraiser, you ask every once in awhile how it’s doing and when they are honest, letting you know they’re struggling, you simply say things like, “Don’t give up. Other people are struggling, but keep going.” Instead of throwing a ten dollar bill at that person to actually help out.

          Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate encouraging words as much as the next guy. But they don’t pay the bills.

          I’d also like to point out, there are a few friends who have already donated and I know for certain they’re struggling financially just like me. Yet, I also know, if ten dollars is too much for you, then you really need to rethink your financial situation. I’ve given fifty to my own fundraiser and I’m the struggling author.

           Yet, now, I’ve got my first books in a local brick-and-mortar bookstore and people are surprised while others aren’t. You really learn who believes in you when you climb your mountain.

          I don’t know, people are just interesting. You have that one friend who gives several hundred dollars to your fundraiser, but you have all those other friends who don’t give a penny.

          I know we’re all busy with our own lives and we forget about things—this is one reason I’m posting more and sharing more, because this dream has got to come true come Spring 2021.

          I’ve been at this authorpreneur business for four years come December. I’ve published over thirty books now. I’ve built and re-built websites, I’ve built networks, lost them, and am building them again. I’ve tried almost every marketing plan I’ve read about that doesn’t cost money. I’ve ready countless books on how to sell books.

Some struggle, some simply refuse, we’re all humans.

          I know, it’s ONLY four years, you say. Yes, I’m selling more copies than I did at the beginning. But still, I’m finding a hug gap between my position and my dreams. I look out among my circles and see friends who have dreams of their own, knowing deep in my heart I want so much to help them. But I’m unable to…yet.

          So, please, if you’ve read this far, I appreciate your willingness to bare through all this mess and these raw emotions. I’m not angry at anyone. I really hope this blog didn’t come out sounding like I am.

          People have been telling me to open up more, be more vulnerable. I guess, what I’m trying to say is: I need you. We need you. My team and I need your support. We can’t do this on our own. No one can achieve success on their own.

          I know this year has been insane, but every year has its insanity. Why not start this holiday season, giving to a community fundraiser? Maybe giving more support this Autumn-Winter time, we’ll be able to usher in a brighter and more successful New Year?

          So, if you can spare ten dollars—or maybe even a little more—please click through this link and join our awesome and amazing supporters in lifting us up so we can, in turn, lift others up!

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