by Richard Castle

Published by Hyperion

A review by John Irvin


“What do you know, a lemniscate.” –Jameson Rook

            From the inside jacket cover:

            Nikki Heat and Jameson Rook race to stop a deadly threat from Heat’s past as well as an all-too-present serial killer, in Richard Castle’s follow-up to the New York Times bestseller Frozen Heat.

            Determined to find justice for her mother, top NYPD Homicide Detective Nikki Heat continues to pursue the elusive former CIA station chief who ordered her execution over a decade ago. For the hunt, Nikki teams once again with her romantic partner, Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist Jameson Rook, and their quest for the old spy and the motive behind the past murder unearths an alarming terror plot, which is anything but ancient history. It is lethal. It is now. And it has already entered its countdown phase.

            Complicating Heat’s mission to bring the rogue spy to justice and thwart the looming terror event, a serial killer begins menacing the Twentieth Precinct, and her homicide squad is under pressure to stop him, and soon. Known for his chilling stealth, the diabolical murderer not only singles out Nikki as the exclusive recipient of his taunting messages, he names her as his next victim.

Deadly Heat by Richard Castle (Watch the Castle show), A Review

            So, I am a huge ultra-Castle fan. I’m slowly collecting his books. If you’ve ever seen the TV show, Castle, put on by ABC, then you know how hilarious and fascinating it is. The books are just as great, because they’re basically the episodes in print!

            I won’t tell you which episode Deadly Heat is based on either. You’ll have to read it to find out. But I do want to share a short little passage, just to share how much it takes from the comical mystery show:

            “What do you know,” he (Rook) said. “A lemniscate.”

            “A what?” asked Ochoa.

            “Lemniscate. The word for infinity sign.”

            Raley weighed in. “I thought infinity sign was the word for infinity sign.”

            “Ah, except that’s two words.”

            Nikki looked at Roach and shook her head. “Writer.” Then, she said to Rook, “Where’d you learn that, interviewing Stephen Hawking?”

            Rook shrugged. “The truth? Snapple cap.”

            I don’t know about you, but I so hear Castle and Beckett’s voices behind those words and I can see them too!

            Keeping to the murder mystery with some dry and sarcastic humor, this is a great entertaining read.

            So, take my recommendation and click this link to go buy it: DEADLY HEAT.

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