by Carol Lay

Published by Pocket Books

A review by John Irvin


“Wonder Woman thanked Batman warmly and bade him good-bye. The man in black reciprocated with a nod so slight one would need a micrometer to measure it. The others wished her luck in finding her man, and the Flash asked her to stop in Jamaica while she was down there so she could bring them back some hot sauce for the pantry. The request made her smile. She knew he made light not out of disrespect for what she was doing, but for the same reason pilots ask to borrow gum before a mission—for good luck.”

            From the back cover blurb:

            Mysterious events in the Bermuda Triangle propel Wonder Woman on a desperate search for the truth behind the disappearance of a diver near Themyscira, home of the legendary Amazons. But her discovery of a mirror island—one populated entire by men—sets events in motion that ultimately cause the Justice League to come into conflict with a figure from Wonder Woman’s own mythological past. But is she powerful enough to save them?

Wonder Woman: Mythos by Carol Lay (Justice League of America), A Review

            Do you like superheroes? I do. Always have, always will. Something about having the power of flight or superstrength or telekinetic abilities always makes me want to jump out a window—okay, just kidding. Bad analogy.

            Wonder Woman has always been my top favourite Justice League heroine. When I found this short little book, I was like, Oh yeah, I’m definitely buying that!

            The story does sound a little similar to one of the recent Wonder Woman movies—but it’s got its own unique plotline. The mirror island? Yes, that’s definitely unique to this book—from my experience.

            Do you like Greek mythology mixed in with urban fantasy? If you’ve answered yes to this question and the very first one I asked, then you should order this book!

            So, take my recommendation and click this link to go buy it: WONDER WOMAN.

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