by Christopher Paolini

Published by Laurel-Leaf

A review by John Irvin


“How deep do you think it is?’ asked Eragon. “I can’t tell,” said Murtagh, worrying coloring his voice.”

            When Eragon, a young farmer boy, finds a blue stone in the forest, he has no idea what is about to befall him. The blue stone? It’s a dragon’s egg. The hatchling immediately bonds with Eragon and the two become each other’s protector.

            But evil reigns down on Eragon’s home, he loses his uncle in the process. Escaping with an older man by the name of Brom—one who seems to have more than his fair share of knowledge on Dragon lore—and they make their way across the lands in search of answers.

            There’s also an elf lady, Eragon sees her in his dreams—she’s tortured in a dungeon somewhere. When he finds her, it is revealed, she is the one who sent him the egg. She is apart of a resistance force called the Varden hidden beneath a mountain.

            Will Eragon be able to make it to the Varden? Will the Emperor manage to capture this upstart Dragonrider and turn him to his ways?

eragon christopher paolini

            I had seen the movie a decade ago, never read the books. Until a month ago, I finally read this first work in the Cycle series and enjoyed it. Yes, it’s an older book so there is that slow beginning and the “quest” adventure that goes on and on. But before you know it, things are resolved and the stage is set for a second book.

            I didn’t finish it in a night or a week, but I still enjoyed it. Some of the characters are a bit different than the ones in the movie, but that didn’t seem like a deterrent to me.

            I look forward to reading the next book and can’t wait to see how this story unfolds.

            So, take my recommendation and click this link to go buy it: ERAGON.

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