Crafting Novels & Short Stories

by the Editors of Writer’s Digest

Published by Writer’s Digest Books

A review by John Irvin


“Writing fiction requires grit and sensitivity. It’s an elusive craft. You chase it and chase it, and sometimes you feel like you’ll never master it.”

            This book will give you what you need to create real-life characters, help you move that plot forward and not get stuck, and strengthen your dialogue. What is the right point of view for your book? There are so many questions this work will answer for you.

            From the Editors of Writer’s Digest, comes a book on the art of novel and short story writing. It is jam-packed with advice and instruction from best-sellers like Nancy Kress, Elizabeth Sims, Hallie Ephron, N.M. Kelby, Heather Sellers, and Donald Maass.

            James Scott Bell gives us an intriguing and inspiring Foreword too.

            There are sections everywhere inside this work that cover specific topics like forcing yourself to get started, battling the all-compassing foe called writer’s block, researching for you work, and getting published.

            It doesn’t matter if your work is a short story, a novella, a novel, or even an epic trilogy, you’ll finish this book knowing you have the tools you need to be a stronger storyteller.

crafting novels and short stories editors of writer's digest

            I’m a writer—as you’ve probably guessed by now. But I’ve always known I am not a master of the art. As with whatever career or dream one has, he must seek other’s guidance and instruction if he wishes to obtain success. So I’ve collected a good bit of books on writing to help inspire and aide my in my writing career.

            I think almost anyone you could talk to has at least one book inside them dying to get out. The problem is, probably 90% of those people have already believed the lie they’ve told themselves. They just don’t have time, they wouldn’t know where to start, and they don’t think they could ever finish it — this lie comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes.

            Well, Crafting Novels & Short Stories is one of the greater works that could help you separate yourself from that 90% and join those of us over here in the 10%. You can write that story. You can finish it. This book will give you the tools to do that.

            So, take my recommendation and click this link to go buy it: CRAFTING NOVELS AND SHORT STORIES.

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