Freeing Myself From the Traditional Lies that have Enslaved Me. You Can Too!

The Continued Rant of an Artist who No longer Believes the Lies of Corporatism.

By John Irvin

            Welcome back, thanks for suffering through this rant with me. I’m seriously trying not to let this be a rant. But, I don’t know about you, this whole “you need a real job” advice I get from friends and loved ones has pushed me to the line.

I don’t want a ‘real’ job, I want a job that’s real to me

            Every job I’ve worked at I end up going through the same routine. I make friends with my coworkers—I fall in love with them. But I’ve never had the urge to advance in my positions no matter what job I’ve worked, whether it’s warehouse or hospital or pizza delivery.

            Many bosses have tried to promote me—it’s not a promotion when you already don’t enjoy the work. Why would I want to add more responsibilities and stress on my own shoulders?

            But most of my coworker-friends don’t think this. They see a promotion as something profound they can add onto their Resume to make them look good for the next job. I get this, not hating on them for this.

            The problem comes when the job suddenly gets between us. Whether it’s a miscommunication between us or their higher-ups stuffing things down their throat (in general, I’ve come to learn, the higher in power you go, the more common sense you lose. You forget the people under you when all those numbers start to parade in front of you) and suddenly we’re no longer friends, but rather boss and employee.

            It hurts. It stings. And when people outside of work tell, Apply to other jobs. That frustrates me. Why would I want to repeat the cycle again? I want freedom from this monotonous soul-crushing like society places on our shoulders as soon as we graduate from high school or college.

Why repeat the cycle again?

            I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of or taken the Myers-Briggs Personality Test, but according to it, there are 16 types in the world. I am an INFJ, the rarest of all—making up only 2 to 3 % of the world population. I’ve always been independent, butting heads with anyone who tried to boss me around.

            But ever since I decided to set out on this authorpreneur journey, become my own boss, my mindset has shifted even more. I no longer feel the employee-employer relationship. Yes, I still obey the rules and policies of the company. Yes, I still do my job. But I can’t stand being treated like an employee—an underling beneath some manager who hasn’t even been working at the company as long as I have.

            It just doesn’t work in my brain anymore.

            Okay, this is now sounding more like a rant. But all I am trying to do is explain to those who tell me I need a real job or more on to another company since I’m frustrated.

            To you wonderful people, I love you, I appreciate your thoughtfulness, but no. That doesn’t work for me.

            My writing IS my real job and I have come to no longer expect you to understand that. You still see it as just another hobby.

You still see writing as just another hobby…

            To those of you among my readers who are of a kindred spirit, I love you. Whatever you do, do NOT give up. If you know what your passion is, stick to it. One of these days, we will find our dream careers. We will be able to kiss corporatism good-bye and we will figure this mess out.

            Here’s to making money in our sleep or while we build a life we no longer have to take a vacation from. Here’s to us who believe dreams do come true. Let the peasants stay stuck at their dead-end jobs living from paycheck to paycheck.

            To each their own.

            We’ll build the new world without them.

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