The Entrepreneurial Struggle Will Wear You Down

But You Have to Keep Going and Believing, Think of Those Behind You.

By John Irvin

            After last weeks theme of breaking the chains of Corporatism, I sure feel “plum tuckered out” that’s old hillbilly speak for I’m tired.

            It’s funny how in the Author journey—as in every aspect of life it seems—your motivation comes in waves. One week you can be all fired up and the next down in the dumps.

            This is where discipline comes in.

            This is where determination comes in.

I will keep writing, no matter what.
Why are we not running like we’re on fire toward our dreams?

            We only have one life on this planet, it runs out fast, why are we not running like our butts are on fire toward our dreams?

            But, when you work hard, keep going, pushing yourself to the limit, every single day and get little upfront reward. When you watch you bank account fluctuate so close to the red line for so long. When your mind begins to tell you your friends and family are giving up hope in your dreams.

            When people start to question you, Why are you doing this? Why aren’t you looking for a better job? It’s been three years, if it was meant to be, don’t you think it would have shown up by now?

            Doubt settles in. Life laughs and punches you in the groin.

            You fall. Push yourself up.

            Life hits you again.

            You fail again.

            So you start to lie on the ground a little longer each time.

            The ground starts to feel like a comforter. It whispers in your ears, You can’t do this, why don’t you give up? You’ll only hurt yourself more.

            But we weren’t made to stay on the ground.

            It’s when you feel like you just flat out can’t go on—every single cell in your body screams to give up. You actually start to want to give up. But you take another step anyways, that’s true strength.

            So I’m going to keep with my plan, try a new plan, and keep going.

Magic's Time Split, Book 1: Hidden Lake's Light by John Irvin
This book is Permanently Free! (PermaFree)

            I’d like to let you know, thought I’m still exhausted, I got up this morning and started writing the next book in my Magic’s Time Split series. Book 5 is going to be a fun one. I still haven’t exactly figured out a title that zings with me though.

            Since I started writing down the idea of the whole series, the title was tentatively called People Change Too. Because the main mythic creature type to be introduced in this one will be Shapeshifters.

            I finished Book 4, When Nights Bleed, last week and its main mythic creature type was Vampires. The one before that was Zombies. So you’re starting to see my trend here, aren’t you?

            But I want a better working title, maybe by Wednesday’s blog I’ll have figured one out. I’ll let you know.

            Over in my Longevity series, Book 2, Independence, was just returned to me by my Editor and I’m excited. I’ve finished adding in the interior stuff like Copyright page, author profile page, other works page, etc. so now it’s only waiting for a formatter and the cover art and ISBNs, a some little tweaking then it will be ready for its due date in January 2020.

            Just talking about that gives me a little energy to keep going. I’ve come so far, there’s no point stopping now.

            If you’d like download Book 1 in my Magic’s Time Split series for FREE go to this link: Hidden Lake’s Light.

            If you’d like Book 2 for free, make sure you sign up for my newsletter!

            If you’re interested in starting the Longevity series, you should check it out on Amazon! I’ve got it in Hardcover, Paperback, and E-Book. Though I think Amazon is still taking its time adding the E-Book. But here’s the link: Revelation.

Longevity, Book 1: Revelation by John Irvin is out on Hardcover, Paperback, and E-Book
Revelation comes in three formats!

            Next blog post I’ll share an excerpt from each of these three books. Does that sound good?

            All right, I’ll talk to y’all on Wednesday!

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