Ghosts and Lost Romance

I don’t know what I was thinking when I wrote and published this novella, but I hope you enjoy it anyways!

By John Irvin

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This was the very first time I ever tried my hand at a paranormal romance. It’s short, it’s weird, and ends not the way you’d expect. This is why I’ve priced it at such a low price.

But, I will admit, I still do enjoy looking back on it.

Imagining myself to have lost a wife I’d been married to for only a year or so, what kind of heartache that would entail. The thought of her visiting me in my dreams, but every time we’re about to make headway, the dream ends.

How frustrating would that be?

When you know, this reality is not the only real world!

When every one tells you, those are only dreams and you have to move on.

Now, I want to make a clear note, I don’t believe in suicide and, in fact, this is a very touchy subject with me. So, please, whatever you do, don’t take this story as promo of such a dark topic!

It was kind of my message to the world—at a dark time in my life—trying to show a raw side of me at the time.

I’d just left an abusive relationship and didn’t know better when I wrote this so I was trying to prove my loyalty and faithfulness would never stray.

I should have known, you don’t need to prove such things to anyone except yourself. If someone can’t see your worth, they are not your someone.

So, I guess, I just keep this little ebook around as a reminder of where I’ve been and where I am now.

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