When You’re thrust into a War with Undead

While Jenna and Gael are fighting the Zombies, Jessica and Levi are fighting Vampires

By John Irvin

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Two days ago, we talked about the third book in the Magic’s Time Split series. Today we get to bring up the fourth book, When Nights Bleed.

Intriguing title, don’t you think?

It’s all on account of vampires.

Yes, my friends, I’ve introduced vampires to this dark fantasy novella series I finished publishing only a couple weeks ago!

The time period is around 1840, so John C. Calhoun, a great South Carolinian statesman, prances onto the world stage as a leader of the resistance against—not just a corrupt federal government—a transformed Washington, D.C.

Yes, apparently someone was doing research with something they weren’t supposed to.

Now, politicians don’t just want to suck your wallet, they want to suck your blood as well.

There’s also another new race introduced in this story. I’ll keep it a secret and you’ll just have to read this book to find out who and what they are.

They’re also looking for something, by the by.

I’ll give a hint, it’s something ancient, something mystical, and something super powerful. Oh, and it plays a part in the endgame.

Does that intrigue you well enough? I hope so, because it took me a while to figure out what it was!

Do you think Jessica and Levi Vorel will win this war against the Vamps? Do you think they’ll be able to help their new allies—both humans and otherwise? Do you think they’ll see Jenna and Gael Ilan again?

Will they ever see their Hidden Lake Palace again?

On that note, make sure you stop by the website and order the copy!

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