Life Gives and Life Takes Away.

The longer I go through life, the more I see everything comes in waves, you learn to surf those waves or get pulled under.

By John Irvin

            Speaking of waves, this past week has been one sucker punch and one Christmas present back and forth with me.

            Okay, some of you who’ve been following me, know that my other job is freelance proofreading. It helps paying the bills while the book royalties can’t for the present.

            I also enjoy reading and I’ve always been a secret grammar police. Here lately, it’s been less than secret.

            Well, I started the freelance proofreading business back when I left my pizza delivery job in February. The official start date was New Year’s Day of 2020.

            Thing is, I use an iPad for that work and basically the whole proofreading persona in order to keep it separate from my author persona. Having the iPad has been a blessing and a half and made life so much easier.

            By the way, if you’re a writer and need an extra pair of eyes from someone who cares about words, you can check out my website at or go to my Fiverr profile for some steep discounts:

            That being shared, because of Covid and a slew of financial setbacks, I’m having to return the iPad for now. It hurts, y’all! I’ve had the thing since December 2019, so yeah, tough setback there. But, you roll with the punches.

            Then there’s the positive. Saturday morning I got the confirmation from Bodacious Bookstore and Café here in Pensacola, Florida that I can come in on 27 August and hand in the consignment paperwork along with copies of three of my printed books! That was amazing. I felt things were finally happening.

            Honestly, having my books in actual brick-and-mortar bookstores has been on my wishlist for years! Now it’s about to come true. If they sale great, then the consignment will renew with better conditions and also, perhaps I can take this new ammo to the other bookstores in town who’ve rejected previously!

            Things are looking up in that direction.

            I’m also hoping, with those facts, people will see that I’m actually serious about this whole thing and actually start donating to the Book Tour fundraiser over on GoFundMe! We have almost $9,000 to go. You could really help out with that part of the dream by sending us a gift.

            So, basically, life comes in waves. There’s the ebb and the flow and the mountains and valleys. You learn to roll with them. Be willing to let some things go while better things come in.

            You trip, you fall, you get beat up, but what you do is: never give up.

          Until next week, y’all have a great life.

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