Finishing Up a Ten Volume Series…

Could humans seriously survive a timeline-altering catastrophe like Magic being unleashed on the globe and killing Technology?

By John Irvin

          I can’t believe it! I know it’s cliché, but I seriously feel like it was yesterday when I started out on this adventure with my heroes of the Magic’s Time Split series.

I started writing the dark fantasy/alternate timeline series back in late 2018. I spent the first few months gathering up background information and researching various articles for the time period settings.

I wrote out profiles for the original five main characters—though, one of them didn’t get as much spotlight as I expected he would. Funny how characters do that to us authors many times. They’re stubborn people, just like their creators—sometimes more. I have a set outline, but they have minds of their own.

Anyways, my five characters are Gael Ilan, Jenna Ganne, Levi Vorel, Jessica Biar, and Colin Faller. They lead a group of families back through time to Hidden Lake, Montana Territory in the year 1815.

If you’ve been keeping up with my blog, my newsletter, or the books themselves, you already know what happens.

But yes, I finished Book 9’s first draft—When Gods Battle—and am working my way through the final installation: Fallen Star’s Rebirth. Some mysteries are being uncovered before my own eyes and a few plot twists have taken me by surprise in the shower.

This is usually where I get my plot twists, by the way. It’s either in the shower or late at night when I’m trying to fall asleep.

I’m interested in seeing what plays out with this last book in the series. I wonder what the epilogue is going show.

After I’m finished, it’ll be the revision and editing stage, then I’ll begin publishing these last four volumes one after the other by the end of November of this year. It’s been a long, but swell ride. I’m going to miss my friends.

Now what exactly would happen if Magic was unleashed on the world and Tech was obliterated? Or at least, what is my perspective? By reading this series, you get to see a variation of said perspective. Naturally, there are things that would go differently, I’d think, if this scenario truly did play out.

Personally, I wonder how Gael and Colin managed to build the time machine at the very beginning. Oddly, I saw things going in a different direction with that, but never mind.

When the Red Crystal was shattered the Magic stirred something deep within the bowels of this planet. Being the year of 1815, technology was pretty advanced, but not as advanced as today…naturally. They had guns, they had electricity, but still hadn’t come up with air travel or the train!

These United States were still infants and their federation under the new Constitution was tense at best. The President at the time was James Madison and only the fourth in the office. He was two years away from ending his term.

So would America survive a Magical take-over? Who knows? Would any nations of Earth survive such a world-wide event? I mean, they did have magic thousands of years ago…according to ancient legends and myths. But, with modern man—especially in the early 1800s—Magic was taboo. Ever heard of Salem?

You can imagine the panic in the streets, the riots, the insanity. With mythical creatures suddenly flooding out of the forests around them, I’m pretty sure a lot of the States probably managed to get wiped out quickly, at least cut in half. I’ve portrayed this in a very different light in Book 5, Beasts Will Change.

Not to mention the US Government always seems to enjoy tampering with things that don’t belong to them. So leave it to them to unleash a viral agent turning themselves into Vampires like in Book 4, When Nights Bleed.

Over in Europe, I’m sure there would still be a few strong countries able to survive the monsters and creatures of their nightmares. But, many of the humans to succumb to the various viruses or diseases or mutations that come with Magic’s reign.

I actually start to share maps of the world regions in the later books. I’ll share two of them here in this post.

So, in answering the question: yes, I believe mankind could survive a new timeline ruled by Magic. But there would be so many other sentient races arriving on the scene with this new era. Like the were-Beasts and, my favourite, the Fae. Tir Na Nog—the home realm of the Faerie peoples is reconnected with Earth, its portals opening back in the ancient moors of Ireland and reawakening to bring a major plot role.

Then, of course, there are the Immortals. The Ancients are one faction while the newbies build a home there at Hidden Valley, Montana—which, by the way, becomes a new kingdom of its own.

For more information, check out the series page: MAGIC’S TIME SPLIT.

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