by Robin Parrish

Published by Bethany House

A review by John Irvin


“The prophecy,’ Devlin declared in a reverent whisper, ‘is made flesh.’”

            From the book’s jacket,

            “From the Earth’s depths crawls a figure with skin like granite, flames for eyes, and the face of Grant Burrows. Oblivion has arrived. Every clock around the world has stopped. Time has frozen. The Secretum have fulfilled the prophecy, unleashing on earth the most powerful being to walk the earth in thousands of years. His name is Oblivion and his touch is death. He can’t be slowed. He can’t be stopped. And he can’t be killed. But as long as any live who trust in hope and love and freedom, the fight is not over. They have only one chance before he brings forth the DarkWorld. Oblivion is Merciless.”

            Grant Burrows failed. He failed his friends, he failed the world, and he failed his sister. When he plummeted into the pit in the Hollows, Grant knew, there was nothing he could do.

merciless robin parrish

            Let me tell you something, for a bookworm, there is nothing more anxiety-inducing than reading a book to its cliff-hanging end then having to wait months before the finale finally comes out!

            When I finished reading Fearless and immediately went online to order Merciless because my heart couldn’t take it, I nearly freaked out when I found I had to wait. But a friend—without telling me—pre-ordered Merciless for me and surprised me.

            Immediately I was sucked back into the world of Grant Burrows—a world on the verge of destruction. This science fantasy, or apocalyptic fiction, that even got two thumbs up from Ted Dekker, will wrench your heart out then piece it back together for you and put it back in a warm, maddening, sort of way.

            I have to say, Merciless stuck true to its calling and fulfilled its own destiny as the finale in the Dominion Trilogy.

Thankfully, you don’t have to wait in between books either.

            So, take my recommendation and click this link to go buy it: MERCILESS.

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