by Robin Parrish

Published by Bethany House

A review by John Irvin


“…he felt no pain. A chill stopped his pulse. This blood was not his.”

            Everything from earthquakes to disease was unleashed after the day when the sky burned. The world is being changed and its peoples feel helpless and stranded as they watch it verge on the edge of annihilation.

            But there are a few good people, imbued with special powers, who refuse to give up, resist letting fear take control—they are Fearless. They travel the planet, helping those in desperate need.

            But there’s an ancient prophecy and it’s being fulfilled the further these few try to go in stopping it.

            Is Grant still hiding secrets from the rest of his team?

fearless robin parrish

            Staying worthy of its prequel, Fearless kept me in its hold. The unraveling mystery of the prophecy, the super heroic ventures, all thrilled me to the bone.

            A five star out of five stars on my list—this book kept me thinking and wondering and pondering. It would be classified as a science fantasy or science fiction—maybe even a superhero drama or apocalyptic fiction—whatever it is, I’m certain, if you enjoy at least one of those, you will fall in love with this second book in the Dominion trilogy.

            So, take my recommendation and click this link to go buy it: FEARLESS.

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