Mermaid Seas: Discovery

by John Irvin

A commentary by John Irvin


“From the look on her angelic face, it was a message of warning.” –Mermaid Seas: Discovery

As promised, I’m going to take this first Friday for my blog review and talk about one of my own works. Mermaid Seas: Discovery is the first book in a historical fantasy trilogy. Right now it is only found through Kindle, but there are plans for an in-print version soon.

Cameron Weatherall recently joined the Confederate States Army and is shipped to Ft. McRree near Pensacola, Florida. His heart isn’t in the war, he longs for something else. It’s as if he were born for another world.

When he sees the mermaid and understands her frantic message, it’s up to him to save the ship.

Upon arrival at the Fort, the soldier in gray is on a mission to figure out if he’d only been daydreaming or if mermaid mythology is reality.

mermaid seas discovery

Will the two befriend each other? Will Cameron make it out of the oncoming battle alive? What is the life-changing decision that the mermaid offers and he must make? Can two people from two totally different worlds fall in love and be happy? Click this link to go check it out: Mermaid Seas Discovery.

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