Relentless by Robin Parrish

Published by Bethany House Publisers

A review by John Irvin


“Collin Boyd stepped off the Metro bus on his way to work, and across the street he saw himself strolling down the sidewalk.” –Relentless by Robin Parrish

The first installation to a spine-tingling, hair-raising, nerve-gripping trilogy, Relentless is what I would call a sci-fi thriller. Grant Borrows is Shifted. What does that mean? It means, in the tic between heartbeats, his entire identity is altered.

He no longer looks like himself, talks like himself. Even more, the changes are deeper than skin-level. He now has powers and abilities that might get the better of him.

Next thing Grant knows, he’s whisked into a global conspiracy based on an ancient prophecy seven thousand years old. Both friend and foe locate him, trying to pull him in every direction.

What everyone—including Grant—doesn’t realize: you don’t want to push him over the line. Bad things happen. I mean, really bad things.


Let me say, I grabbed this book off the shelf several years ago just out of sheer chance it seems. Next thing I knew, I was yanked into a shattering world right along with Grant Burrows. I can safely say, I always ended up sitting on the edge of my sit whenever I read this book—all the way to the end.

            The emotional experience took me to the heights of awe and the valleys of depression—in a good way. If a book doesn’t make you cry or laugh at least once, it’s not a good book. This one had me gripping the cover and flipping the pages.

            If you enjoy a fiction even Ted Dekker praised—if you love hero’s journeys complete with conspiracies, sword-wielding assassins, prophecies of doom, people with mental powers of all varieties, click this link to go buy: Relentless by Robin Parrish.

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