My Book Family of Short Reads and the Rest of My Works, Covered Here and on YouTube for Part Three

Today, over on YouTube, I’ll be covering the rest of my works I’ve published in the past three years.

By John Irvin

Already the third week into January, time is already flying by. The publication date for Longevity, Book 2: Independence is approaching fast and I still have a few loose ends to tie up. Yeehaw!

Today’s vlog is published on YouTube, check it out here. I hope you can tolerate my lame speaking skills, I write better than I talk.

            I have covered the Longevity series, the Magic’s Time Split series, and my StarQuest Anthology. Beyond that, today I’m covering my Mermaid Seas Trilogy and several other short works. I have quite a few more, so now that I’m recording the video, I’m beginning to wonder if I should perhaps add a Part 4 to this opening YouTube series.

            I’m trying to keep the videos to an average of 5 minutes.

            It’s been a busy month already to say the least.

            But, I feel more like an authorpreneur and CEO of my own business. Because that’s what business is: business. No pun intended. No, nothing like the Harry Potter pun I read the other day, you gotta watch out for those, they Slytherin.

            Sorry. Moving on.

            This morning, I’m working on the second draft to Book 3, As Flesh Rots, in my Magic’s Time Split series. Next week will be the second draft for Book 4, When Nights Bleed. After that I’m writing the next installation of the Ikkilion Chronicles for my Patreon backers.

            So the rest of my January is booked in my writing domain.

            I’m also gathering more volunteers for my GoFundMe Fundraiser Launch Team set for March. The plan is to have a pre-launch party, get up to 15 volunteer members for the team and make sure they’re all on the same page. We hope to gather a good chunk of pre-launch pledges.

Look for volunteers for a Launch Team
Looking for a team…

            All funds raised in this campaign will only be sent on the expenses for and related to the John Irvin Author Book Tour 2020. That is set for August and could tentatively take me all the way to Los Angeles! Fingers crossed.

            I’ll keep sharing more info on this as the Launch Day approaches.

Teams make faster progress.

            Backers will be placed in tiered levels, depending on the amount they can give. Believe me, every dollar counts, so whatever can be given is appreciated. Each tier gets a reward, each reward stacked on top of the previous the higher the amount reaches in the stacked tiers.

            It’s been done before, many entrepreneurs in this day and age use crowdfunding to startup their businesses. I’ve done a ton of reading and research on this topic and am finally using this medium in hopes to see my Author dream come into fruition.

            My books may be fiction, but I do believe there is a message—even a small one—in each story. There is always the quote I love reciting, I think C.S. Lewis said it, if not, I apologize.

            “Fairy tales are not real because they tell us dragons are real. Fairy tales are real because they teach us dragons can be beaten.”

            If you know the real person who said that, let me know. Thank you ahead of time.

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