There’s Always Going to be a Struggle for Artists, it’s What Keeps Us Growing.

Rollercoaster Start to this New Year has me contemplating time, life, and the purpose of storms.

Life is a roller-coaster ride

By John Irvin

Well, so far, I’m keeping this YouTube thing running. Episode five is a Part 4 for my Throwing it All Out There start-off series.

I’m thankful, despite the setbacks this first month has already brought me, I still have the ability to keep things running with my Author business.

Check out the short video below where I give brief summaries of five more books in my published collection.

            Can you believe this is already my 135th blog post? Yes, I could have had more, if I’d kept the “daily blog” thing going after the first 100, but seriously, that’s time consuming and I have lots of writing to do for this year’s publication timeline.

            Presently, I’m finishing up the second draft of Magic’s Time Split, Book 4: When Nights Bleed.

            So, my part time job—you know, the delivery gig that’s supposed to help pay the bills until the book sales rise high enough for independence—has…well, to be honest, it’s become a detriment. I got back from New Year’s vacation, as you know, and worked one Monday—last week—then my truck was out of commission up until Sunday night two days ago.

            After so many new parts and much cabbage (as they call it in Eastern Europe: money) later, I was able to work another shift yesterday. Being a Monday, there was not much return with the tips.

            I’m in the middle of having to make a huge decision. I already had my store knowing I’m leaving by the end of February, but I may need to leave much sooner than that.

“Life is a journey, paved by decisions.”

            My proofreading business hasn’t kicked off yet, but that’s simply because I can’t figure out a way to pitch bloggers and online writers. I’ll be pitching the schools in town to see if I could set up a client base among the teacher crowds, but besides that, I’m a little stuck.

            This is just me being bare and vulnerable with you. It’s a raw feeling.

            But, as I often like to reference my favourite movie: The Greatest Showman, when it comes to chasing my dreams. They were in the scrapes right before their big success—I mean, he was laid off! There was also the struggle to get his show launched when people didn’t buy tickets at first.

            But eventually, he made the connections he needed, he found a way, and then it hit.

            So, come along with me, open up your narrow mind, because I’m dreaming with my eyes wide open!

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