New News and Author Business Advancing!

My Vlog just had its Introductions posted Today, check out the link, or Watch the Video on this Blog…

By John Irvin

            Finally, I’m able to bring to you John Irvin, Author Journey Series, a new vlog I’ve just started over on YouTube.

            Check it out here:           

            If something’s up and you can’t watch it on this blog, click this link here: JOURNEY SERIES VLOG to go see the 5 minute video and, maybe, subscribe. Please, as I mention in the short, this is my first time so please be gentle.

            Over time I do hope to make it more professional and better. I don’t like feeling amateur for very long. But for now, I’m happy I was able to get it working finally. I originally planned to have the vlog coinciding with the blog since the beginning back in May. Yeah, that never happened.

            As you can see.

            But, hey, you learn as you go. Life’s a dance. And all that good stuff.

            So, I’m throwing it all out there over the course of the next few videos.

            It’s a new phase preparing for this New Year. I’m looking forward to seeing where it all goes. So I look forward to seeing you on YouTube on Thursdays now, or over on Patreon with the new short story weekly episodes on Fridays.

            This is going to be a fun year!

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