What Book made Me Realize Reading Meant Something to Me?

I started reading at an early age, as far back as I can remember, but, I think, the one Book that entrenched my love for reading more was…

By John Irvin

A tale of knights and ladies…

            It was a tale of knights and ladies, lords and princesses, of vengeance and justice, it was a tale carved from the dark ages, to bring light to this young lad.

            Men of Iron by Howard Pyle was one of those books you read more than once. It is the tale of a boy who becomes a page then a squire, seeking to restore his father’s good name.

            He falls in love with the Earl’s daughter, sneaking visits to her throughout the years. When he is knighted and finally able to challenge his family’s rival in a duel to the death, he garners her favor.

            The aches of growing into manhood touched down with my young heart. The desire to see justice served was close to my heart. And naturally, being a hopeless romantic who believes in soul mates, the romance was perfect—though a tad bit too light for me.

            After reading once, then twice a year or two later, I found it enjoyable each time.

            In fact, I believe the sense of honour and chivalry has stuck with me, inspired by that book. Thinking back, it is dawning on me, most of my main characters tend to act related to the hero…intriguing. I may have to revisit that work again.

            As for now, I’m past halfway with the first draft of Longevity, Book 3: Wandering. I have felt as if I were wandering time and space with my hero, Ihon.  The hardest struggle is keeping away from repetition. When your hero is a long-living Wolf-Born, the years passing by can get monotonous.

            But the hardest part is keeping that monotony interesting for my readers. This is why I have to do more than one draft. Thankfully, I have till May of next year to have this ready for publication!

Book 2 is on its way smoothly!

            Book 2, Independence, is on its way smoothly! Unlike its predecessor, it appears the first three formats (Hardcover, Paperback, and E-Book) will be able to be published at the same time.

            I’m still trying to figure out a time and way to get the final format (Audiobook) into publication for this series and the rest of my books. That’s going to take awhile.

            I’ve spent the first half of this week recording videos for my upcoming launches. It’s been intense, not to mention a struggle for this introvert. I am anticipating the turnout in the next few weeks.

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