Of Neptune (Book 3 in the Syrena Legacy)

by Anna Banks

Published by Square Fish, an Imprint of MacMillan

A review by John Irvin


“I don’t deserve the way my grandfather smiles at me. It’s as if I’ve never done one single bad thing in my whole life. It’s as if he thinks I’m capable of anything—except wrongdoing.” –Emma

            With all the battles with the tides, the struggles, the in-fighting of the houses of Poseidon and Triton, Emma and Galen need time alone together. Somewhere far away, away from the mess of the Syrena, would be great.

            The King of Poseidon is Emma’s grandfather, the way he treats her is unlike any other Syrena except her mother and Galen of course. He suggests they visit a small town by the name of Neptune.

            There are Half-Breeds there! They live in harmony with other Syrena! How is this possible? Is it real?

            But then, Emma and Galen did not ask to be peacemakers between the freshwater and ocean-living.

            Oh, and there’s a charming, handsome, Half-Breed by the name of Reed to add to the surprising twisted mix. He’s immediately love-struck by Emma and doesn’t do a good job of hiding it. What turned out to be a hoped-for vacation turns into a heated power struggle—yes, another one. This one threatens, not only their ocean kingdoms, the very love they share.

of neptune anna banks

            When I finally got my hands on this final installment to the trilogy, I was overjoyed. Finally, questions would be answered, right? Well, eventually yes, but not until after a hundred more questions were thrown at me!

            You know a book is great when you are literally clinging to its sides, flipping the pages and thinking you can’t read fast enough.

            Young adult, mermaid fantasy, with plot twists galore and a satisfying conclusion to the tale!

            So, take my recommendation and click this link to go buy it: OF NEPTUNE.

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