Bloodrose (Book 3 in the Nightshade Trilogy)

by Andrea Cremer

Published by Penguin Group

A review by John Irvin


” Love wasn’t forged by circumstance or changed by sorrow. It simply was. Fierce and free as the wolf within me.” –Calla

            International-bestselling author Andrea Cremer does not disappoint again in this final book of the Nightshade trilogy.

            Calla is thrust into the last battle. There is naturally much more at stake. Should she save Ren against Shay’s wishes? She’s also got to prove she is the Alpha of her pack. And Ansel? He’s been branded a traitor but she wants to keep him safe.

            There are plenty of new twists in this awesomely-dark conclusion.

            Can Shay defeat Bosque Mar? What role does the Elemental Cross have?

            Also, there’s a huge sacrifice needed to take place in order for victory to be won. Can Call, Shay, Sabine, and the others do it?

bloodrose andrea cremer

            The ending kinda took me by surprise, but I did close the book with a satisfied smile and tear in my eye. But, that’s hint enough.

            This dark fantasy is an inspiring finish to an amazing work! Some may say they wished it could be a bit different, but I approved of how it all worked out. That’s just like life—it may not go as you planned or hoped, but sometimes it ends up being better than you planned.

            So, take my recommendation and click this link to go buy it: BLOODROSE.

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