Pieces from My Series, Snippets from Patreon, and What I’m Reading

I want to share some pieces of parts of me—yes, I did just say that…AGAIN.

By John Irvin

I’m having a short book reading out of Book 1: Hidden Lake’s Light in my Magic’s Time Split series—you know, the Perma-free book? Perma-free is exactly what it sounds like: permanently free.

I know some writers believe no writer should have to give away their books for free. Others think, maybe giving away your first couple might advance you. I can see both sides of the point of views.

So, I’m not sure which side I’d ascribe to, except I am giving away this book for free. It’s an e-book, so it doesn’t cost me—except for the cover art.

But anyways, go check out the reading:

            To be honest, I enjoy last week’s reading. It was the first time I’d done that. Of course, I couldn’t see your faces—but, I could imagine them!

            I’m finishing up reading two books.

            Most avid readers admit to doing this—I’m just being honest. But most of the time, I’m reading more than one book. Life is just too short, you might say. Sometimes, I’ll try to force myself to focus on one book. But that doesn’t last long.

            This past month I’ve been reading Harry Potter: The Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K. Rowling, Writing the Fiction Series by Karen Wiesner, The Fire Unseen by Andrew Jaxson, and Rapture by Don Montgomery.

            They’ve all been good. I finished Rapture and Sorcerer’s Stone just recently, I’m almost finished with The Fire Unseen.

            Yes, I know, I was born at the end of the 80s, so I should have been on the bandwagon with the kids who grew up in the 90s and already read the Harry Potter series. Well, some of us are “late” at things.

            I must say, even though I’m 30 years old, I still enjoyed the kid’s story. I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the series.

            But, I do want to finish the other two first before starting a new one—we’ll see how long that lasts.

            And now, the vlog transcript.

            John Irvin, Author Journey Series

Episode 8, Reading Excerpts Part 2

Welcome back to John Irvin, Author Journey Series, Episode 8, Reading Excerpts Part 2. With last week’s response, I’m looking forward to this next read.

I may just enjoy reading my stories. Of course, being an introvert and in the centre of attention has its qualms. But, right now, I can’t see your faces, so that makes it a little easier.

Today I’ll be reading out of Magic’s Time Split, Book 1: Hidden Lake’s Light. Next week, for Part 3, I’ll be reading an excerpt from my Patreon exclusive series: Ikkilion Chronicles.

And now, an excerpt from Hidden Lake’s Light. There may be some spoilers ahead, just to warn you.

Jessica pointed in the direction of a clump of trees off behind the City Hall cabin.

            Levi followed that long, slender index finger to the site it was directing him to. He caught his breath when he saw them—two shadows sneaking through the trees away from the camp.

They twisted under the lower branches, slipping through the bushes, stalking down to the lake about fifty yards from the guards’ position.

            “Who do you suppose they are?” Jessica whispered.

            Levi shrugged, sliding off his perch and crouching behind the bottom of the resting log.

            Following his lead, Jessica peered over his shoulder.

            At that moment, two beams of light flooded the distant surface of the lake.

            “We know for one thing, they’re not the Indians. They’re part of our group.” Levi surmised. Eyes narrowed, he started forward.

            “Where are you going?” Jessica grabbed his shirt sleeve and tugged.

            “Going to see who they are,” he looked back at her.

            “It’s probably just one of the married couples wanting to have a game of midnight skinny-dipping.”

            Levi froze.

            This could be true, he mused. But why would they be taking the flashlights into the water?

            The expedition team brought waterproof flashlights naturally, but midnight scuba diving didn’t add up.

            The two figures weren’t taking their clothes off either. Instead, they were tromping into the water, fully-clothed, holding their lights pointed straight ahead.

            “I think it’s safe to say, they’re not skinny-dipping,” Levi whispered in Jessica’s ear. He then started forward again, keeping low while he charged down the shoreline.

            Jessica gave a huff before taking off after her best friend. As much as she didn’t want to meddle in other people’s business, she had to admit, she was curious why these two decided to explore the bottom of the lake while everyone else was asleep.

            “Hurry,” Levi called back, his voice just above a whisper. He sloshed into the waves, keeping his gaze on the two beams of light now fading beneath the surface. “Maybe we can follow them.”

            Jessica arrived at the spot, studying the shapes below.

            “You really want to swim down there this late at night? Why don’t we just wait till they come back up and ask them what the heck they’re doing?”

            “Because,” Levi bared his teeth. “That would take all the fun out of it.”

            “Well, we at least need someone still up here standing watch.”

            “Good idea,” he nodded, standing waist deep in the water already. He turned and met her gaze. “You wait here, I’ll be back.” With that he lowered himself until the waves rushed over the top of his head.

            Letting out an exasperated breath of air, Jessica crossed her arms, her head swiveling from side to side. Everything was too quiet for her comfort.

            A shadow stepped out of one of the tents back in the middle of the settlement.

            She knew from the tent it was Gael. Watching him stroll up to the town’s group of out-houses, she figured he was just on a midnight visit to the john. Turning back to the lapping waves, she could barely make out the flashlight beams.

            Wow the lake is deep, she concluded. And this close to land too.

            The lights were gone in a blink.

            Jessica realised her hands were clinging to her own arms, her mouth holding her breath. She took in a steady breath, forcing herself to remain calm, but her mind started searching the back spaces where all the worst-case scenarios loved to wait for moments exactly like this.

            “Jess?” Gael’s voice was close enough to hack away the cobwebs stringing over her thoughts.

            She turned, stopping herself before she gasped.

            Gael was almost on top of her.

            How had he finished his business, noticed her, then gotten so close without her even hearing him?

            “Gael,” she responded, her tone high-pitched.

            “What are you doing way over here?” Both his eyebrows were creating a semicircle disconnected in the middle over his forehead. “Where’s Levi?” His gray eyes bounced from the point on the lake’s surface where she’d been staring then back to her.

            “Umm…” Good job, Jess. That sounded convincing.

            Gael stopped within three feet of her. “Jess? What’s going on?”

            “Well…” You’re doing great. “We saw two figures go diving down there.” She pointed to the spot where she’d last seen the flashlights. “Levi went after them. I guess they’re at the bottom of the lake—maybe found a cave—because I can’t see the lights anymore.”

            “Why didn’t y’all let me know?” Gael’s stare was now glued to the water.

            “I don’t know,” she flapped her hands in the air. “It was a spur of the moment decision I guess. I told him we probably should, but he was too intent on following them.”

            “I should probably go after them,” Gael breathed, he could hear his blood taking his pulse by storm.

            “I want to go with you,” she blurted out, grabbing his shirt sleeve when he tossed off his shoes.

            Taking the first two steps into the cool water, Gael paused and met her frantic stare. He knew there would be no forcing her to stay. With a nod, he waved in the direction of the camp.

            “Wake somebody up to stand guard while we’re gone. I’ll wait.”

            Without another word, Jessica dashed back to the tents, woke the head of the Ferris household up, and informed him what was going on in as few words as possible. Then she stormed the shore diving into the water at Gael’s side.

            He had to grab her by the shoulders and make her look into his eyes.

            “Quietly, Hon,” his drawl would have a soothing effect on anyone’s nerves. “We need to go in together. Take my hand, we’ll find them, don’t worry. Levi’s fine.”

            She nodded, accepting the extended hand.

            The two of them tread deeper into the water—their hair standing up on the back of their necks, sending goose bumps down their spine. Uncertain whether it was the water’s temperature or their nerves, they pushed on.

And that’s all for today’s book reading. Come back next week and I’ll have the next one running.

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