Snippets from Patreon, Bites from My Main Series, and Bits About My Daily Schedule

I want to share some pieces of parts of me—yes, I did just say that.

By John Irvin

Today marks my seventh episode in the YouTube vlog. I’m doing something totally different and dangerous! I’m doing a three part book reading for my vlog over the next three weeks.

Go check it out:

            If you’d like to read it here, I’ll share the transcript below. Before that, I’m going to share what my daily schedules look like and plans for the future.

            I’m an early riser.

            If you read last week’s blog, you’ll know my mornings usually start at 0430! I grab my coffee, do a little reading, some meditation, then it’s practice a little foreign language on a neat little app called Duolingo. After that, it’s normally time for my writing session. From 0600 to 0700 I write in whatever book I’m working on.

            Then, once the alarm blares, interrupting my fingers from their work, I prepare for my workout regimen. I try to do aerobics every other day and weightlifting the rest of the days. I believe our bodies are on loan to us, it is our duty to take care of them.

            Besides, being a writer, most of my work is done sitting down—I need exercise!

            After workout, the plan is to do more work in my proofreading business—hopefully, soon, that will be my full-time job until my author business pays enough.

            Now, the vlog transcript.

            John Irvin, Author Journey Series
Episode 7, Reading Excerpts Part 1

Hey, welcome back to John Irvin, Author Journey Series, Episode 7, Reading Excerpts Part 1. I’ve never actually done this, so forgive me if I’m nervous—which I sorta am.

But I had this thought earlier, why don’t I read some brief excerpts from these three main series of mine. I’ll probably be doing book readings on my Book Tour, so why not give it a shot and have some practice.

So, first book I’ll be reading from is, Longevity, Book 1: Revelation. Next week will be Part 2, and it’ll be in Magic’s Time Split, Book 1: Hidden Lake’s Light. The following week, it’ll be out of my Ikkilion Chronicles serial for my $5 backers on Patreon.

All right, without any further due, Chapter 6—forewarning, there are spoilers ahead.

            The stench was horrible, sending tendrils of disgust into Ihon’s gut while he crawled in through the window.

            Perhaps I should change into that beast, he wondered. Sounds like a good idea, add a bit more terror into this murderer before he meets his Maker.

            With that, Ihon shoved his kilt off and knelt down. His knuckles touching the wood floor of the bedchamber, he shut his eyes and grimaced. In seconds, the midnight fur covered his entire frame which was now thrice its size. The shift, though twisting and realigning bones and muscles, did not hurt.

            The only sound was the quick growl that bellowed in the creature’s barrel chest.

            Still have no idea what under the sun and moon I am, Ihon glanced down at the long claws extending from the tips of his fingers. But who better to bring swift vengeance to a monster than a monster?

            His teeth bared, the beast crept through the shadows. Pitch-coloured fur blending in with the darkness around him, he paused. The reek of unclean flesh caused his coarse snout to wrinkle.

            Eyes, the colour of smoldering darkness, glared at the hump lying beneath the animal skin blanket.

            An early morning breeze whispered through the window. It brushed the nose of the beast while he inched his way to the foot of the large oaken bed. The wind did not seem to understand the depth of the present situation, playing with his large wolf-like ears while they flattened against his enormous head.

            A sudden snort interrupted the quiet night.

            Ihon froze, rearing up on his hind legs—though he looked like a hulking wolf, his beast form did retain the humanoid postures. The tone of those back leg muscles revealed a strength that was superhuman. This power rippled throughout the entire body—a force no normal human being could ever hope to harness.

            “I was expecting you,” the shape beneath the blanket growled.

            A hand pulled aside the covers to reveal a grinning face half-covered in a raven-black beard.

            “Smelled you coming from miles away.”

            Cutting into a snarl, Ihon lowered his head. Glaring at the man in the bed through his thick eyebrows, he growled.

            “Then you know I am here for only one thing.”

            Swinging his legs over the side of the bed, the man held his plastered grin while keeping eye contact with the monster.

            Ihon flexed his fingers, baring his claws, while his fangs gnashed the air.

            The man stood to his feet, the grin turned eerie as it gripped his face.

            Another growl started to bellow in Ihon’s chest when it was strangled.

            His large eyes widening, Ihon watched in shock as the murderer’s naked body started to ripple and contort.

            Joints twisting, skin rolling like liquid, the hunted villain’s body grew. Skin seeming to rip, long silver hair, peppered with brown, drenched the naked figure.

            In under a minute, Ihon blanched at the creature now mirroring his stance—as well as his size and appearance.

           Except for the coat colour and a few miniscule facial differences—the beasts looked the same.

            I’m not alone? Ihon’s mind raced

And that’s all for today’s book reading. Come back next week and I’ll have the next one running.

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Until next week, have a great life.

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