Reading Books, Drafting Books, and Publishing Books

Which Books am I reading now and what about my second drafts?

By John Irvin

          For this one-hundredth-and-sixty-eighth blog post, I’m going to chat a little about what’s going on in my book life.

          Last week, on the 3rd of September—a week ago—my third novel in the Longevity series, Wandering, finally came out in Hardcover through IngramSpark.

          Ihon Iraes travels through time and lands, searching for the true source of who he is. He’s lost so many loved ones, he’s not sure what makes him tick anymore. Somehow, through all his wandering, he discovers friendships in each place that propel him forward.

          Will he find what he’s looking for? Will he at least find a reason to settle down again?

          While this book was coming out and last week’s blog popped up on the internet, I was flying up to visit my family in Kentucky. I’m up here for another week and enjoying the time spent with them.

          But, I’m keeping my writing going—I hold to the old adage: a non-writing writer is a monster courting insanity—so I’m happy. I can spend time with my brothers and parents yet still keep my writing going.

          I’ve finished the first drafts of the last four books in the Magic’s Time Split series, it’s now the second drafts round and I’m steadily working through that. Thankfully, I’m still on track and this series will be published on time it appears!

          Though I’m making sure to spend more time this vacation with the family, I’m keeping my reading up. Every man and woman should read for at least fifteen minutes EVERY single day!

          For now, it’s only fiction books on my list—yes, I usually have a reading list, most of the time it’s three books at a time. Sometimes I’ve read up to four at a time. I usually read a chapter in each per day. I feel more accomplished that way, I guess.

          But, right now, being on vacation, it’s only two.

          Tyrant’s Tomb in the Trials of Apollo series by Rick Riordan and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by JK Rowling.

          Both great works of fiction and I recommend each series!

          Make sure you keep your reading up and grow your mind. Like the body, the mind needs exercise and reading is that exercise.

          In other news, remember that artist website called Patreon? It is a place people can go to support creatives like myself by sending either monthly payments or per-work payments.

          I started off with $5 per month tiers and gave those supporters a weekly short story serial, but that was cancelled at the beginning of this year.

          I’ve been listening to a podcast from other authors and they mentioned having a $1 per month tier for people who just enjoy supporting authors—kind of a tip-jar—but don’t really care about receiving anything.

          There are people out there like that, one of my Patrons is actually like that. Even after I cancelled the serial until further notice, I reached out to him because I didn’t want him giving me money for nothing. But, he told me he just likes to help me out.

          Warms the heart, doesn’t it? Knowing with all the critics out there, some people do actually still believe in me and my dreams!

          So, I’m going to set that tier on Patreon for anyone else who would like to do that. I don’t expect much, but I definitely love and appreciate those who do throw dollars at me each month. Those little extra singles do help!

          Now to the GoFundMe fundraiser for the Spring 2021 Author Book Tour, it’s still open if you’d rather throw cash at that to help that dream be realised. Now that I’ve got my books in-store at Bodacious Bookstore & Café, I can start preparing to launch the tour next year and start there with the first Author Event.

          But this will only be possible with your help! Here’s the link:

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