A Dream Coming True in a Local Bookstore

If you have a dream, don’t ever give up on it, like me with my books!

By John Irvin

If you’ve been following my YouTube or any of my social networks, then you would have seen last week—a week exactly from today—a dream came true for me. Three of my thirty published works have made it into a bookstore here in Pensacola, Florida.

Here is the announcement video on my YouTube channel—it’s not too long, just a couple minutes.

Yes, it was a surreal moment in my life that I’ll never forget. Bodacious Bookstore and Café are already my favourite bookstore in town right now. The people who work there are amazing also and understanding too. They seemed to be as excited as I was while we discussed the deal then the manager, Alina, opened a space on top of the bookcase for me.

She’s awesome.

Then, while she stepped away, I got the film for the announcement and went on my way so I wouldn’t scare any customers away.

From what I know right now, we’ve already sold one copy. There are only six copies there for this first quarter. We’re using them to see which books sell so we’ll know for next quarter.

If you are visiting Pensacola or live in Pensacola, I recommend heading down to Bodacious Bookstore and Café, checking out their menu—they’ve got everything from paninis to coffee to soup!

And, of course, they now have three of my books.

Three of my books are in a bookstore!

Alina did ask if any of them were stand-alones or part of a series.

The three books on display are Shattered, the Complete Collection, Longevity, Book 1: Revelation, and StarQuest: A Novel—which itself is part of an Anthology which will be growing next year.

So yes, each one is part of its own world.

Speaking of Longevity, have I announced Book 3: Wandering is out in print today? I’ll have to share the link next week.

Right now, while you’re reading this blog, I’m packing for a trip to Kentucky!

Family trip.

Well, I hope you have an amazing rest of your week and enjoy this share I just brought to the table. Believe me, this is proof that dreams do come true. It can only get better from here too!

Keep chasing your dreams, my friend!

Also, while you’re at it, hop on over to my team’s GoFundMe Fundraiser page and join our supporters so, next year when all this mess is cleared up, we’ll have our total goal raised and I can go on my first Book Tour—which, by the way, will be starting at Bodacious Bookstore and Café since they’re the first brick-and-mortar to take on my books!

Here’s the link: gf.me/u/xp24cf

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