Some Changes, Some Plans, Interview with Another Character.

All things Authorpreneur and Publishing This Month.

By John Irvin

            So, one big change this month of June 2020, I’ve dropped my YouTube vlog down to an episode a month. With my Proofreading business starting to grow, I’ve been focusing more on expanding visibility via the Pinterest platforms and LinkedIn.

            Yes, I know, YouTube helps with visibility, but I wasn’t seeing much growth for awhile and after so many episodes, it’s lost its priority. Do I plan to make it a priority again? Naturally.

            Until then, y’all will have to suffer not seeing much of my face in real time. Yes, I know, that’s so hard for you.

            Just kidding.

            Now with the publishing venue, I’m still working on that for this month. Mountains Are Living is getting close. In fact, I believe, at the rate I’m going, it will be ready to publish over this weekend—if not Monday next week!

            Wandering is still being reworked by my editor. I’ll be sending her an email soon if I don’t hear back before the end of this week. But I’m moving that publication due date to the end of this month.

            Now, for my next character interview—I have a friend from my Shattered series showing up today. She’s not the main character, but she definitely has a role to play. This is former President Emily Morgan of the Southern Federation.

President Emily Morgan (S.F.)

            John: Thanks for joining us today, Miss President.

            Emily: Please, John, call me Emily. Being President of the Southern Federation was just a job while I had it.

            John: Thanks, Emily. So, tell me, where were you born?

            Emily: I was born in a small town outside of Atlanta, Georgia.

            John: And you were obviously raised by a Southern couple?

            Emily: Yes, my Daddy and Mother were Southern-bred also and they raised me up proper, teaching me about Jesus Christ and standing for what was right.

            John: And could you give us a brief summary of why you got into politics?

            Emily: Certainly. In the beginning, I wanted nothing to do with politics. I hated all the agendas and propaganda. But when the Black Out hit North America, the nuclear chain reaction that sent Washington, D.C. and the northeast to kingdom come, my people were struggling.

            John: Excuse me, forgive me for interrupting. But could you let us know what the Black Out was?

            Emily: You’re the author, John, you couldn’t do that? *giggling* Anyhoo, back to the seriousness. The Black Out was a worldwide EMP caused by a solar flare, it sent the world wide grids into a black out, killing power everywhere. There was an accident in a nuclear facility because of this and the U.S. Capital along with its northeastern seaboard was blown up.

            John: This must have left the States in complete chaos?

            Emily: It definitely did. In fact, the gang wars and loss of command basically disintegrated true law and the governments became little dictatorships. But this did not stop freedom fighters all across North America starting new nations. The first spark was with the Locke Republic, this revolution was led by a Samuel Turnover and a small militia network in the former Montgomery, Alabama.

            John: You say former?

            Emily: Yes, once they won their revolution, they changed the whole territory from Birmingham down to Pensacola and west to the Mississippi to the Locke Republic. Montgomery’s name became Liberty City, the Capital of the new nation.

            John: And how did this related to you and your country?

Flag of the Southern Federation

            Emily: The Southern Federation came a little over a year later. With all the gang wars going on, mostly in Atlanta, a new revolution broke out across Tennessee, the Carolinas, Georgia, and the rest of Florida. Men of honour stepped up to the plate and a plan was executed. After winning our revolution, I was found it my duty to join in the new politics and found myself climbing the ranks pretty quickly. My whole desire was to serve my country to the best of my ability and bring back order and freedom to our peoples. Before I knew it, I was elected president of the new country.

            John: This helped you play a major role in the coming war?

            Emily: I haven’t gotten there yet, John, hold your horses. Yes, revolutions raged across North America. Of course, you had the few remaining loyalists to the old regime who wanted to restore its imperialist boundaries. They called themselves the Washington Empire and the American Union.

            John: You say, these were the villains in this…North American War?

            Emily: Yes, the people had spoken, these tyrants only wanted to subvert the people’s will.

            John: Spoken like a true patriot.

            Emily: Thank you, John.

            John: Well, I’m guessing you can’t give us the news about how the war is won or anything along those lines?

            Emily: Where would the fun be in that? You’ll have to tell your readers to buy the books.

            John: Thank you. Emily Morgan of the Southern Federation, folks.

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            That’s all the time I have for today. I hope to see you back next week! In the meantime, my team and I are still raising the funds for our book tour. Join our supporters who have already donated to the cause and help us reach our goal!

          Until next week, y’all have a great life.

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