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By John Irvin

            Over last week’s weekend, I was able to publish Magic’s Time Split, Book 6: Mountains Are Living. I can’t believe I’m well past halfway through the series and things are really transpiring now. Ancient myths have become reality, forgotten secrets are being uncovered, and our four Immortal friends are finding out, their hoped-for-new-lives are not how they expected!

            Check out the short book reading on my YouTube vlog:

            In honour of this recent publication, I want to host another character interview from that actual book. His name is Benjamin Lykano, he’s the son of the Chief of Packs and Head of the Werewolf Clan in the former Alabama region.

            John: Benjamin, thank you for joining us today! How’s the Beast Talks going?

            Benjamin: *laughs* John, thanks for having me. I’m honoured to be here on your website today. The Beast Talks are going as any political summit goes, with a lot of negotiation, arguing, compromising, and blah blah blah. Thank God, I don’t have to deal with that.

Benjamin Lykano, Werewolf Clan

            John: Even though you’re head of the Werewolf Clan?

            Benjamin: Correct, I get to choose a representative or delegate as you would call them.

            John: Well, that works out well for you. So, tell us, have you recently heard from your Immortal friends.

            Benjamin: You mean, Gael, Jenna, Jessica, and Levi?

            John: Those are the ones.

            Benjamin: Actually, I have recently. They’re over in Switzerland—or rather, the Alps, Switzerland doesn’t necessarily exist anymore. They’ve discovered a couple new races and an ancient feud has been reignited. I can’t go into detail for sake of spoilers.

            John: Darn, I was hoping to catch you!

            Benjamin: Nope, you may be typing this out, but I’m my own person.

            John: So, what can you tell me that won’t spoil anything?

            Benjamin: I can say this, what they’re cooking up over there is going to include all of us. And, I can also add that this new book has something none of the other books have had so far.

            John: What’s that?

            Benjamin: Maps! There’s a map of the new North America and the new Europe! I was excited when I saw that. I did not realise the Beast Clan Lands were that extensive. Makes me happy. Your readers need to check this out!

            John: Thank you, Benjamin, thank you for all you’ve done and for answering the few questions I had for you. And yes, this is to my readers, if you haven’t checked out the Magic’s Time Split series yet, here’s the link to the series page in my library:

            And, to order Book 6, Mountains Are Living, here are the links to Kindle and Nook.

            That’s all the time I have for today. I hope to see you back next week! In the meantime, my team and I are still raising the funds for our book tour. Join our supporters who have already donated to the cause and help us reach our goal!

          Until next week, y’all have a great life.

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