Something About Writing in the Genre of End Times and the Apocalypse.

Ever since I can Remember, I’ve loved Reading End Times Fiction and Prophecies, Imagining Various Outplays of What Could Happen in the End.

By John Irvin

            I’ve always had an affinity to the idea that the world will end. Everything has an end, how is our planet going?

            So many stories—fiction and theoretical—about the various world catastrophes that usher in the Apocalypse.

When the bombs drop from the sky…

            I’ve now written a few works on such a subject—both fiction. One is flat out Nuclear Apocalypse, the other is a different Fantasy take on the ordeal. In the near future, my plans are to write a series from a Christian perspective, only it won’t be the regular “believers are going to vanish and the world will blow up” kind of theory.

            Right now, I’ve got my Pochatok e-Book about Gideon Cole, the son of a US General who knows of the oncoming Nuclear war that will last an entirety of around two hours. When his father picks him up and they race across San Fransisco, they pick up Gideon’s high school crush, Lynda Brodunvich, and her father.

            When the bombs drop from the sky, Lynda and Gideon are the only survivors to make it to Bunker 8.

            They spend the months alone together. This is a story of starting over. A new beginning with a man and woman—that’s what Pochatok means. It’s the Ukrainian word for “Beginning.”

An Apocalyptic Sweet Romance

            My other End Times is a Trilogy—Mermaid Seas! One of my favourites, I bring my readers through time starting during the onslaught of Pensacola during the War of Northern Aggression.

            The second book brings it to present day with a teacher who discovers his entire circle of friends are Merfolk and they have a dark prophecy for him to decipher.

            Book three will set the reader in the near future sometime. A plague carried by fish spreads across the world. A bestselling novelist uses his money and alliance with the Merfolk to save a part of mankind on a Cruise ship.

Mermaid Seas Trilogy (Click the photo to go buy Book 1)

            I’m also excited to inform you that I’m beginning the first steps to start a vlog on YouTube. It will be connected to this blog, but I’m also going to be changing the days I post. Right now, the tentative plan is to post both blog and vlog on Thursdays. That’s what I’m hoping for. So no more blogs twice a week.

            My Friday Broadcasts will still continue.

            My focus is going to be announcing my upcoming Ikkilion Chronicles which will be a weekly episode exclusive for my Patreon supporters. That’s not for another month as I’m launching that on New Year’s!

            More on that later, along with a video of me announcing it so y’all can finally see me and not just a photo and words.

            I’m excited. How about you?

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