by Tim Lebbon

Published by Del Ray, imprint of Random House

A review by John Irvin


“But I am unmoving. An inconvenience to the water as long as I remain. And slowly, slowly, I am being eroded to nothing.” –Dalien Brock

            In the ancient days of the old Republic, the Jedi Order was known as the Je’daii. For ten thousand years they held the Force balanced between light and dark. But now, now there is someone who could tip the balance.

            Lanoree Brock has served at the feet of the Masters, learning the enigmatic ways of the Force. She has done well in the Je’daii Order, but her brother was shunned.

            Never able to find his way to the Light, his tale ended in tragedy.

            Or did it?

            Many years of solitary Ranger life have passed for Lanoree. One day she is summoned by the Je’daii Council to take on a mission to stop some half-crazed occult scientist who is trying to open a dark matter portal to somewhere beyond the galaxy.

            This cosmic connection would mean annihilation for an entire star system—but that’s not what shocks Lanoree. Long has she mourned her brother’s death—but now, with this discovery of why the Council sent her of all people, she realizes it is his life that she must worry about.

Star Wars Dawn of the Jedi Into the Void Tim Lebbon

            Yes, I’m a Star Wars fan—somewhat—does that surprise you? It shouldn’t if you keep up with my book recommendations and a few of my own published works.

            But I must say, I’m a man of the Old ways—over the years I’ve collected the books set before the days of Anakin Skywalker and Luke and Han and Leia. What I enjoy is, with each passing year, a new Old Republic book seems to pop out of nowhere. I feel almost like a space-archeologist who discovers relics of an ancient past in a galaxy far away from this one.

            Dawn of the Jedi is one such amazing artifact. Though the book is old, this space drama / science fantasy is a revelation in and of itself. Set almost at the dawn of the Jedi Age, the tale weaves itself into a dark fiction in the malignant powers of the Dark Side.

            Lanoree—tough, maybe sassy, but definitely a kick-butt—will whisk you along as she sets out on her mission to stop her brother from bringing an apocalypse to an entire solar system and put the Force back into balance.

            So, take my recommendation and click this link to go buy it: DAWN OF THE JEDI.

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