StarQuest: Forgetfulness

by John Irvin

A commentary by John Irvin


That name. Hanna. Why did it sound so familiar? Who was Hanna?”

Hanna, Johan, Jordan, Josh, none of them remember themselves—as if they were put under a spell or someone was giving them doses of some memory-erasing compound.

Whatever the case, they are serving the Emperor of the Venlay Empire.

But when one of the servants finds an older counterpart of one of their team, it’s only a matter of time before they start to remember who they are and what they’re doing on this planet.

But can they escape in time?

starquest forgetfulness john irvin

            StarQuest: Forgetfulness is what you could call “the prequel of the prequel.” It is set before the StarQuest A Novel in my StarQuest Anthology. There are plans for more short ebooks in the future to add to one of my favourite sci-fi space opera adventures—and a second novel.

            As for Forgetfulness, I had a fun time exploring the possibility of other universe, parallel to our own, in which live different versions of ourselves. Yes, this is a common theme among many other science fiction worlds. So of course I had to add it. What would we be like if we made different choices in our lives?

            How would these different choices affect other people we know and love or hate? Could there be some decisions that are so signification—whether we know it or not—they could change the course of an entire galaxy?

            If you enjoy science fiction, anthologies, space operas, StarWars, StarGate, etc., you’ll enjoy this short ebook.

Click this link to go check it out: STARQUEST: FORGETFULNESS.

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