by Kelley Armstrong

Published by Penguin Group

A review by John Irvin


“So you don’t believe in werewolves?’ Her lips curved in an annoying half-smile.”

            Elena Michaels is the only living female werewolf. She is on a mission for her elite pack, being lured into Tyrone Winsloe’s fake scientific investigation of “other races. Winsloe is a dirty Internet billionaire who is willing to even kidnap Elena to study her in his underground lab hidden within the forests of Maine.

            But werewolves aren’t all that exist in the Otherworld. There are many various paranormals being studied in Winsloe’s mad-scientist facility. Witches, vampires, and shamans are among the unlucky to be captured and studied like lab rats.

          That’s not all. These “specimens” are released and hunted to the death in a reality game. Is Elena this lunatic’s match? Will she be able to stop Winsloe?

stolen kelley armstrong

            Yes, it’s werewolves again. I have many books on that species. Every one, whether standalones or series, seem to portray them in unique lights—Stolen is no different.

            Werewolves are just like most animals, they live to feed, fight, and reproduce—this is the way of nature. But when you hand thousands or even hundreds of thousands of wolves in scores of packs across the globe and all of them are male…except for one, what is that?

            It wasn’t until after I bought this book that I found out it’s relations with the TV show Bitten. There is actually a prequel novel of which the show is named. I’ve seen just the first season I think—haven’t been able to finish it yet—so I don’t know if Stolen’s plot plays are part later on.

            What I do know is, I loved this book. In all of it’s weird dark fantasy—it was a great read that had me chuckling, snickering, wiping a couple tears from my eyes out of certain character’s hopeless moments, and overall, falling in love with Elena and her pack.

            I’d put this in the dark fantasy genre—definitely. Or urban fantasy, those seem to coincide quite a bit.

            So, take my recommendation and click this link to go buy it: STOLEN.

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