by Michael Kerrigan

Published by Amber Books Ltd

A review by John Irvin


“Classical commentators were struck by the centrality of “religious observance” in Celtic life; at the same time they struggled to understand a creed without written scriptures, graven images or constructed shrines.” –Chapter 1, The Celtic Cosmos

            An enchanting and mesmerizing history filled to the brim with tales of love and war and family feuds, along with outlaws and traitors, the legends of the Celts stirs in the heart of a ready that primal affection for the supernatural.

            The Celts rose to power between 750 BC and 12 BC. Their people group was focused in central and western Europe. They were overtaken or thrust out by the Roman Empire, shoved into the nether regions of the Atlantic fringe: northwest Spain, France and Britain. Their mythology grew stronger in spite of this push.

            During medieval times their stories were recorded in the Mabinogion, the Ulster and Fenian Cycles. Thanks to Roman Christians we know of the old beings like Morrigan, a shape-shifting queen, Cu Chulainn, a chief above chiefs in Celtic lore. Even Fionn mac Cumhaill, the giant who built the famous Antrim’s Causeway has a part.

            This book is illustrated with more than 180 artworks and the read is both entertaining and educational.

celtic legends michael kerrigan

            Do you enjoy reading ancient mythologies? I do and I believe this work was an amazing add to my collection. Being Scot-Irish originally, the Celts have always been an intriguing people to me. Finally delving more into their legends and mythologies, mostly with this book, I was quite satisfied to learn the awesome tales.

            Being a fiction author as well, I was inspired by many of the stories too. They in fact still help me in weaving a few of my own narratives.

            But even if you’re not a writer, the mysterious pull of the supernatural cosmos behind these myths should still be entertaining for you.

            So, take my recommendation and click this link to go buy it: CELTIC LEGENDS.

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