The Beginning of a Royal Line

This high fantasy is the first novella in an old series about a family’s generations…

By John Irvin

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I wrote and published this book years ago, hard to believe. Since then, I’ll be open, I haven’t given it much promotion. That’s more a problem with my focusing on the next project then the next one after that and not giving each book its needed attention after publication.

I published it and decided, if it does well, I’ll write the next several books and publish them.

Well, it’s only sold a few copies and that’s my fault.

So, I’m trying to make up for that today with the book trailer above and this short discussion.

Wilyon is a Clan Chieftain in the nation of Lykaenia. The nation is a very loose territory with pockets of clans being ruled by their on Chiefs. Lykaenia has no sense of itself at the moment.

But, the question proposed to Wilyon has him stumbling through the wilderness contemplating a future for the young nation.

With an invader on their northern border, the Lykaenian council recognises their need for a strong national government and they want a king.

Can Wilyon accept the new crown? Can he begin a new era for his nation? Can he lead his peoples in defense of the kingdom against the invaders?

Depending on the outcome of this story, a dynasty could be formed for Lykaenia.

This story does not take place on the planet Earth by the way.

Each book is planned to bring a new generation onto the stage. Wilyon’s descendents take on the family name of Restour. If you read this book and like it, maybe you’ll find out why they choose that name.

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