When the Black Out happens, the Old World is No More

Sam Turnover is a member of a network that’s been prepared for when the power grid goes down.

By John Irvin

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This is the first installment of my Shattered series. I’ve come to call the genre a political drama.

A solar flare knocks out the power grid. There’s a chain reaction in a nuclear facility that blows up the entire northeastern seaboard, sending Washington, D.C., to kingdom come.

In the wake of this devastation, a neighbourhood network asserts its authority over the couple of streets on which its members reside.

Naturally, the military and violent gangs attempt to overrun it, but the people stick together and fend off the invaders.

Samuel Turnover is second-in-command of the network and discusses with his leader plans to form a new nation.

Will it go through? Can there really be new nations, free and independent, on the North American continent?

Is the United States of America gone for good?

This series consists of five short novellas and they were actually sparked from a pseudo-future-history article I wrote.

I wrote the article as if I were a historian in the future relating the events of the Black Out the following North American War. Then, friends told me I should write the actually series.

So I did.

Welcome to volume 1, Collapse. Come join my characters as they play a major role in the history of this western hemisphere.

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