The Books I Plan to Take with Me on the Toward the Pacific Author Book Tour!

An Independent Author still needs his Team and Community!

Published and Soon-to-Be-Published

By John Irvin

            Through these horrendous times, my team and I have still been trying to raise the needed support for my book tour planned for August.

            Though, I’ve been getting a lot of negative responses from bookstores I’ve been emailing along the planned route, I’m still holding my head up high. Can you see me? Yeah, my chin’s up.

            So, I want to talk about the books I’ll be taking to these events across the States. I hope to have other odds and ends like bookmarks, catalogues, t-shirts, and such for display and give-away as well.

            But, by the time August rolls around, the plan is to have the printed copies of Longevity published up to Book 3!

Longevity, Book 3: Wandering

            If I can keep on track with the Magic’s Time Split series, I’ll have up to Book 8.

            I’m bringing my iPad along to display all the ebooks. Then there will be print copies of Shattered: the Complete Collection, StarQuest: A Novel, and the three Longevity books. We’ll see if I can’t publish a print copy of one other book before then.

            But, it takes a lot of gas to drive across the country and more money for hotels and food. I believe this a worthy cause, though. We’re promoting reading and books and that is an art that has lost its appreciation in today’s generation.

            We’re forced to compete against television and social media scrolling.

            So, if authors could become more personal with their readers, I feel this relationship with books might get a healthy vamp up.

Longevity, Books 1 & 2: Revelation and Independence

            But, we can’t do this alone. Each of the members on my team—and myself—are all struggling artists of various fields. We need our communities as much as we need each other.

            You can help us and join our supporters who’ve already donated. Just click through and send us a warmly welcomed gift!

            Let’s believe in reading again!

          Until next week, y’all have a great life.

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