The Fires are Gone, a New World is Here

The Immortals are now discovering this strange new world, how will the combat the new evils?

By John Irvin

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After the hellish conflicts from the last book, are you ready for a break?

Do you think Gael, Jenna, Jessica, and Levi are too? They’re home again, been back for a decade since the conflict with the burning Deadlands and the creation of a new continent.

But, now, upon a chance visit to their Zerzuran Mansion, they discover there’s a new cult in town and, possibly, a new deity.

Who is this false god no one has ever heard of before, but so many are ready to worship him—even kill in his name?

There are two cities on this new continent, named after ancient mythic cities, they’re following in their namesake’s footsteps.

Prosperity and peace are all they’ve known, but naturally, nothing good can last, right?

If you’ve been following along with this series, you’ll know this is the eighth installment to my dark fantasy series set in an alternate historical timeline ruled by Magic instead of Tech.

I hope you’re enjoying these books!

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