After a War with the Giants, our Immortals are back in the Deadlands

This dark fantasy series in my Magic-rule Timeline is coming along as our Immortals have to uncover a dark secret in the burning Deadlands.

By John Irvin

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Can you believe we’ve already passed the sixteenth episode in this 90-Day Author’s Assault?

Oh, but good news, you still have a lot more to see of me!

Today’s trailer and blog is about the seventh installment in my alternate-timeline, historical magic fantasy series. Things have taken a turn for the worse.

Our four Immortals rejoin Sir Iden Falconmist and his Guardian Knights of the Irish Fae on their quest to reclaim all the missing pieces of the Faerie Royal Sceptre of Life.

The next fragment is located in what used to be the South American Amazon River. Now this arid desert world called the Deadlands—because of its undead claim by the former Zombie Apocalypse—is burning to high heaven.

What’s making it burn?

There are clues during a zombie attack late in the night.

Someone or something is controlling the undead minds, giving them more tactics, and lighting the world on fire.

Can the Immortals save the world again? Can they defeat this new foe? Can they ever return home?

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