by Rick Riordan

Published by Hyperion

A review by John Irvin


“I will never understand how you mortals tolerate it. You live your entire life trapped in a sack of meat, unable to enjoy simple pleasures like changing into a hummingbird or dissolving into pure light.” –Apollo on the Human Body

            From the inside jacket flap:

            My father’s voice still rings in my ears.

            Can you believe Zeus blamed me for the gods’ battle with Gaea? Just because the earth goddess duped on of my progeny—Octavian—into plunging the Greek and Roman demigods into a civil war that nearly destroyed human civilization. I ask you, how was that my fault?

            Now I’m cast out of Olympus in the form of a sixteen-year-old mortal boy, acne and all! Sadly, I’ve been punished this way before. I know I will face many trials and hardships. I can only hope that if I suffer through them and prove myself worthy, Father will forgive me and allow me to become a god again.

            But this time my situation seems much more dangerous. One of my ancient adversaries knows I am here and is having me followed. The Oracle of Delphi remains dark, unable to issue prophecies. Most embarrassing of all, I am bound to serve a demigod street urchin who defends herself by throwing rotten fruit.

            Zeus could not possibly expect me to fix the Oracle problem by myself. Not in my present weak condition. It’s time for me to drop in on Camp Half-Blood, where I might find some talented fodder…er, I mean heroes to help. No doubt they will welcome me as a celebrity! They will bring me holy offerings, like peeled grapes, Oreos, and—oh, gods—perhaps even bacon!

            Mmm. Yes. If I survive this, I really must write an ode to the power of bacon…

The Hidden Oracle (Book 1 in the Trials of Apollo) by Rick Riordan, A Review

            Even from the jacket blurb you can see just how hilariously egotistical this guy is! He’s got a lot to learn from his trials here on earth.

            I started reading this first installment in the third series based off of the Percy Jackson world and within the first couple of pages was already snickering.

            Honestly, if I met this teenage upstart, I would dislike him and his arrogance to the umpteenth degree—but in written character, he’s pretty comedic.

            If you’ve enjoyed the Percy Jackson series along with its sequel series, you must continue this young adult fantasy adventure or else you’re missing out on how the Half-Breeds restore the Oracle of Delphi and help Rachel Dare—as well as the god, Apollo—regain their powers.

            So, take my recommendation and click this link to go buy it: THE HIDDEN ORACLE.

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