Two More Weeks to Go, it’ll be May before We Know it and this Author has plans.

I’ve finally decided I’ll be working on the second and final drafts for Longevity, Book 3: Wandering!

By John Irvin

            Yes, remember last week I was struggling to figure out which way to go? Which book to start or continue with? Should I go with the next book in Longevity, the next book in Magic’s Time Split? Or another story?

            My original publication timeline had May as Book 3, Wandering, coming out in publication. So I’ve decided to stick with that. I’ve begun working on the second draft this week and thanks to the donations already made to my team’s GoFundMe campaign for the book our, I’ll be able to use that designated amount specifically set aside for the next few books’ publications.

            You can help my people and me get to our goal quicker! This way, we’ll be prepared for when the States re-open, finally, and things get back to normal and this Book Tour can be set up!

I may actually be able to publish this one on time too. Although, the plan is to only concern myself with publishing the Hardcover and EBook formats with the rest—six to go—and continue that way until I’m finished next year.

            That will cut down on costs for ISBNs and other expenses for now. Once the entire series is published, I can go back and publish the Paperbacks.

            I’m also hoping, before this year is out, to publish the first Audio. We shall see.

            Maybe, I’ll use that as a reward for my future Patreon supporters? There’s an idea.

            You would get upfront and first-hand experience of my books in audio! Then, I would have to question whether I’ll share them with the rest of the world and publish later. Hmm, lots of things to think about for the future.

            For now, I need to focus on the present, a lot to do!

            I want to also share the link to my revised Book 2, Independence, in the Longevity series. The cover was finally fixed and she is now available to order. Things are still looking up.

            If you want to listen to me reading a snippet from this new book of mine, check out today’s vlog episode over on my YouTube channel:

            I hope you continue to stay safe and well, make sure to show love in the midst of all this growing hostility I’ve been noticing of late. Destruction only comes from hate and division. Love brings creation and miracles.

            And I’m not spouting some over-used mantra. This is the truth, my friends.

          Until next week, y’all have a great life.

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